Temple's New to Practice Program - page 13

Hi. I applied for Temple's New to Practice Program a few weeks ago and just received word that my initial application was accepted. In the FAQ's, it says that applicants will have to take competency... Read More

  1. by   Be23
    hey punchie527 what unit did you get. I also was accepted into the program
  2. by   punchie527
    I'll be on 9w- surgical step down. How about you?
  3. by   Be23
    I'm on 8 east the Trauma unit
  4. by   dstmoon
    I wish they would have let the people who they didn't want know early. This waiting is driving me crazy.
  5. by   Lcc5060
    For the people who have heard back, when is your start date? I was told some are starting in June and others August
  6. by   dstmoon
    Should I assume at this point that I don't have the job?
  7. by   angelnurse2008
    Don't assume you didn't get the job! They may take a little while to filter through everyone and want to get everyone who is hired for june/july squared away before they start the August cohort. They were giving people answers up to one week before the August cohort started last year! I know it is so nerve-wracking but hang tight..!
  8. by   Swellz
    Where did you guys apply? I feel like I have been stalking them since they came to our last career fair and I haven't seen the posting for the new to practice program online. I don't know how I could have missed it.
  9. by   dstmoon
    Sorry it took so long. I can't always get in to reply for some reason. Try their website or indeed.com. It is tough.
  10. by   Be23
    If Possible stop by their Human Resource office and ask about the program or give them your email so they can email you information about the program .
  11. by   cazach0122
    Does anyone know when this is starting up again? I spoke to HR in October and she said they would do another round in the new year (2014).
  12. by   nikolatr
    Does anybody know how did you apply to that residency program at Temple ? cuz I cannot find it on the list of jobs
  13. by   aquarius04
    I believe they have their cohort for January already. But you should call to double check if they are taking any more people or when their doing it again.