St. Margarets Nursing School

  1. I plan to apply to St. Margarets SON (Pittsburgh Pa) next spring. I currently have a 3.7 GPA at CCAC with 2 classes to go before all of my pre-reqs are complete. I was wondering how hard it is to get into their program, and what current students thoughts were on the school.
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  3. by   PghRN30
    I am currently in second semester, started last February. If you look back in this forum you will find my old thread. Have you already taken the PSB test? How were your scores on that? How hard they are to get into, I'm not exactly sure. I don't personally know anyone that was regected, so I do not know where they draw that line short of failing to meet requirements, though I do know they don't just accept everyone that meets minimum requirements. I know they say they are picky, and accept people they think can succeed, and be good nurses. They have rolling admission, so its not like they are ranking you with everyone else, they are really looking at you individually and deciding if you are someone they want in the program. Even if you are in a group which there are not enough spots left for the next admission date, they don't pick the best ones and reject the rest, if they want you in their program they but there is not a spot they will give you a spot for the next admission date, if you are willing to wait. (Feb and June)

    I do know one girl in my class was initially rejected but she went back and appealed it and got in. It was based on when she first started school she didn't care, didn't have direction, and failed some classes. She appealed, and told them, I know I screwed up, I have straitened myself out since, my new grades are proof....I think they told her to get one more semester of prereqs finished that she was almost done with and they would decide....something like that. Someone else told me about a friend that was rejected on not having enough life exeperice or something like that......I'm not sure of the whole story. I just do know they do sit down as a commitee and look at your whole application, your essay, references, everything. I know somewhere like CCAC looks at grades only, St Margaret does not. They do look at you as a whole person. If you have good solid background, good references, you should be good.
  4. by   finallyfound10
    I would stay at CCAC. Hospital-based nursing programs have more cons than pros. I won't get into all of it but the biggest one is that if stay at CCAC you can transfer ALL of your credits for a BSN. You can't with a Diploma.
  5. by   finallyfound10
    I would stay at CCAC. Hospital-based nursing programs have more cons than pros. I won't get into all of it but the biggest one is that if stay at CCAC you can transfer ALL of your credits for a BSN. You can't with a Diploma.
  6. by   PghRN30
    Actually its not about transfering......BSN programs are "RN to BSN" enter the same into them whether you got your ADN or a diploma, as long as you passed NCLEX and got your RN.
  7. by   laramyy
    Also, I believe that most diploma programs are designed to make it easy to transfer credits for a BSN. I don't know much about St. Margaret's, but I have heard nothing but good things.
  8. by   kay0324
    I recently applied to St. Margarets SON on May 12th, 2011. I called the school two weeks after I sent in my application and they said it was set to be reviewed July 14th. The wait is killing me!! All the nurses that I work with that have graduated from the school in the past recommend it and they said they loved it!
  9. by   carbon86
    Congrats on finishing your pre-reqs! If you don't mind me asking, what was your psb grade, and your gpa before applying, also where did you take your pre-reqs? Good luck on your application, and post again when you hear back from them, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
  10. by   kay0324
    Thanks for the congrats although I still have AP2 to finish up this fall but then I am done! That will be perfect timing because I applied for the Feb '12 class. I got high 80's low 90's in the 4 diff areas on the PSB. I think it was an easy test but I could have done better, however I didn't want to retake it because they say to turn in your app as soon as possible because the classes fill up early. I spent a great deal of time perfecting my entrance essay and I work at the hospital so I have good solid recommendations! My GPA is 3.5 so you are already better off than me!! I will really be devastated if I don't get in because i am hard on myself at times but that doesn't mean I am going to give up! I'll just have to keep applying! Please keep your fingers crossed as I will do the same for you!
  11. by   tmow86
    good luck to you guys! I just started on June 20th!!!! It's a long process and believe jguy and myself ...feel your pain!!! Good luck!
  12. by   kay0324
    @ tmow86 Thank you I def need all the luck I can get! I know its only been 11 days but how do you like it so far?
  13. by   tmow86
    So far I like it a lot...It's super INTENSE....right from day 1. If your willing to commit and put in the work you'll be great!!! Keep us updated on your progress and any other questions, feel free to ask.....we were in your shoes once too!! :-)
  14. by   kay0324
    Thank you! I know it's going to be super intense from everything I have heard! I am definitely ready to commit and give my life to school! I just want to get in I can't believe its taking so long to find out! I don't know what I am going to do if I don't get in! Do you know if there are any other conclusions they come to while reviewing your application, like hold? Or is it just accept or deny? Sorry for all the questions i have been freaking out ever since I have applied!