R.N nursing programs in Pittsburgh P.A that starts in spring?

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    Hi, i am desperately trying to hold on to my dream of becoming an r.n but it seem its slipping away. i was supposed to take my entrance exam into shady side nursing school on may 11th but on my way i had car troubles, showed up 5 minutes late and was not allowed to take it, this leaves me with another year of waiting and it seem unbearable i have taken 30 credits worth of prerequisites at a community college and my GPA is 2.3 so i don't have much options of a university. Long story short. Does anyone know a R.N program diploma or associates that starts in the spring in the Pittsburgh,pa area. Or maybe have any options for me. what can i do this is really all i want in life and it seem so unreachable.
    Thanks in advance

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    Moved to our Pennsylvania State Nursing Programs for best chance advice.
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    Shady side has nursing classes start twice a year, Aug and Feb I believe, so you would not have to wait a year to attempt to get into Shadyside again. Many of the other schools that I can think of off the top of my head only start classes once a year in the fall (ie St. Margaret's, Mercy). I would not give up and start looking up other nursing programs in Pgh and see when their classes start.

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