Pittsburgh technical institute

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    Has anyone else applied here? I'm just wondering if it a good school
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    Be very cautious.
    The credits at PTI do NOT transfer to any traditional school, and any credits you may have do NOT count towards your program at PTI. Because it is a private business/"school" they do not have to meet the credit standards of traditional schools.

    My (ex)husband went there for a year, as did his brother. While they both had a good experience with the classes themselves, as the teachers were good; it was quite expensive for the experience and because they did not finish their studies there, it was as it they wasted their time. They could not transfer their "credits" any where.
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    Thank you for replying. But if I were to finish my class there would there be issues with me finding a job?
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    Moved to the Pennsylvania Nursing forum.
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    Hi everyone! I am looking into nursing programs in the Pittsburgh area and wondering what anyone thought about PTI LPN or AS program in nursing? Does anyone know about the school's accreditation currently in process? This is one of the things holding me back from applying to this school as I may be moving after one year and I'd like to ensure that a LPN degree would transfer from this institution. Thanks!