Pittsburgh area...LTC to acute setting

  1. Anyone do this or have coworkers that came from LTC? Our LTC is more subacute-ish with multiple IVs (somedays we are doing triples) extensive wound care, trachs, TPN, .....

    Any hospitals more favorable?
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  3. by   Kitty Hawk
    I think you're asking if hospitals are willing to hire those that started off in LTC?

    If so, for this area I don't have any concrete proof, but I have read on the general boards it's been done so I refuse to believe it's an urban legend!

    I'm trying very hard to get out of my facility. (it hasn't been for me from early on with the crushed pills etc...) I want 3 twelves instead of 3-11 I want my life back! I figure now that I have 6mos it would be a good time to really try aggressively. (rather than just try to put in apps here and there)

    Mine was promised to be sub acute and is supposedly heading in that direction come end of summer. However other than feeding tubes, foleys, some general iv's and a pca pump...I've not really had the opportunity for major skills and that disappoints me. Right now I've finally connected with someone that is helping me to get into an ACLS class so I don't lose that certification.

    I know of someone that just graduated CCAC and got into the hospital right away. Maybe the outlook is better for grads this year than last for our area. I just know it's extremely frustrating right now trying to get out of where I am.

    BTW this is a slow forum isn't it?
  4. by   CoffeeRTC
    Thanks for responding!!! I'm surprised you don't see much in your LTC. We have tons of skilled care..I'm kinda getting tired of taking care of so many of these and have to think that my time management skills, nursing skills and supervisory skills have to count for something.

    Are any hospitals hiring more from a certain school? (Not sure that would even matter since I've been out now 10+ yrs). I wouldn't mind working in one of the comminity hospitals in the South Hills area.
  5. by   Kitty Hawk

    I'm not sure about one school vs another. I know the one hospital hired a GN from CCAC and there were no rotations from that hospital, in fact her experience working an office position at the other systems hospital, and her clinical rotations are from the other system! So no loyalty there I guess on part of the hiring hospital.

    I'll send a PM regarding the other post. That was brilliant advice! Doesn't seem like anyone else is here anyway, this forum used to get responses regarding UPMC but there doesn't seem to be any recent info. Either they're happy as clams and have no need to post or they're fed up from saying the same things previously!
  6. by   LostButMakinGoodTime
    The already tight job market for nurses in western PA. may be tightening up some more. We were told at a staff meeting last week that WPAHS plans on moving the burn unit, CT surgery, OB, and bariatrics to Allegheny General from West Penn Hospital over the next 18 months. That doesn't bode well for West Penn remaining open, at least as a full service hospital. WPAHS is already closing the AGH Suburban campus in Bellevue, which has thrown a good many experienced RNs into the job market.

    It doesn't seem to be difficult for experienced RNs (depending on specialty) to find positions, but it is getting extremely difficult for entry level job seekers. The turnover rate at UPMC and WPAHS has slowed as there aren't as many open positions for the nurses to move to.
  7. by   CoffeeRTC
    Didn't AGH send the OB to West Penn? I thought they would be doing better since they are Magnet status?
  8. by   LostButMakinGoodTime
    They sent OB and neonate to West Penn. Don't know how long they will remain there, as the hospital is struggling to remain open. Magnet status doesn't pay the bills unfortunately.
  9. by   Kitty Hawk
    Hey Michelle

    I'll be making that transition from LTC to acute after all! I'll be starting the IMCU in August. Although it seems like forever that I've been trying to get out of my present job, this all happened pretty fast, about 3 weeks total.

    I can't believe how blessed I am, especially with the West Penn situation. I'm truly greatful.