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Hi everyone :redbeathe 30 applications now, and each one denied. 2 of them, were actually for an entry level.. so once they were declined, i actually shed tears. ::sigh:: well im just here to vent. I am so exhausted with... Read More

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    Hello, I am a new nurse as well from Philadelphia. I graduated in May 2011 and still have not found employment. It seems as if I submit 100 applications a day and no one is calling me back. Uggghhhhh!!! I just don't know what else to do at this point.

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    Philadelphia is a tight market right now, when I started school, many RNs that I knew commuted in to Philly, I live 1.5hrs from Philly, and I planned to do the same. Today, most of the RNs getting hired at the facilities where I work are commuting from Philly. If you're willing to commute to a job that, quite frankly, sucks, but will get you that all important experience, I can give you a direct contact at a facility that's always hiring.
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    Yes please. Any nursing job will do at this point. Thanks
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    E-mail me at and I'll give you the info.
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    Try upstate PA and upstate NY. other states with large rural populations also if you can relocate that far.
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    There is a little hospital in Philadelphia that was hiring nurses like a month ago,is not a big hospital but at least you can adquire some experience,Kensigton Hospital is located at 136 Diamond st. Philadelphia.Not a Big place but like I said is good to obtain some experience.
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    You need to check hospital websites daily for new job postings and try to be among the first to apply. It's not a matter of finding the one place that hires new grads but finding the new grad job postings before they become stale.
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    KEEP APPLYING, I applied 75 times to Harrisburg Hospital before I even got an interview (not to mention all the other applications in other hospitals), and because I had so many applications in I got 3 interviews on one day and got the job I wanted on a Cardiac Telemetry unit! Just keep applying that is what I tell all my friends who just graduated. And, now that I have my first job, I find people telling me about other RN opportunities left and right, this profession is limitless, I LOVE IT!
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    Are you working at Pinnacle Health? I have an interview there next week for my first job as an RN! I would love any advice you might have! Thanks!
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    I am well over 200 applications. I have also applied to different states as far as CA. I live in Philadelphia. Most have been in Philadelphia. I have my BSN from Villanova, passed my NCLEX no problem, have been a Medication Technician for 2 years after being told that Med Techs have such a heavy medication pass in long term care facilities that any hospital would scoop me up right away---- wrong.... So basically got paid VERY little for a very stressful job doing basically the work of a nurse (loop hole long term care facilities have found) for no reason. I also have a second BS degree in criminal justice. Was to start at Villanova for law school when market crashed and could not get the funding. Enjoyed being a caregiver and thought I would for sure get a job in nursing. 60k later, a few more years, and one more degree = still no job. Welcome to modern America.
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