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Penn State Hershey's Medical Center GN Residency 2012 - page 4

Hey everyone. Thought it would be nice to start this thread. Has anyone applied for this residency program or has been through this program? I just applied to the program and am curious to learn... Read More

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    I had my interviews Monday morning for 5 and 6 acute care...I hope to hear something soon too!!! nervous.
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    KittyinNJ - I think my interview went well, I was also very nervous because I haven't had a lot of experience with interviews, but I was happy with how the interview went. I liked that they broke it up a little bit and asked some questions, then told me about the unit and the GNR, then asked a few more questions. I'm trying not to think about it too much so I don't over-analyze my responses and drive myself crazy! The questions they asked were basically about getting to know me and why I want to work there. I didn't ask how many people they were hiring, although now I really wish I would have because I'm dying to know! Congrats that your interview went well!

    It's hard being in this position when you really know exactly what you want to do, but other people are deciding your fate!
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    Does anyone know if they contact by phone or email if they want to hire you?
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    I believe my interview went well, as I answered to the best of my ability but was still caught off-guard by the sequence of questions, esp the "tell us about yourself" as the first one of all. i also got some scenario/dosage calculation question too since it's for the pediatric unit. i was told that i'd find out sometime this week but it's different for every unit, but surely we would know before Thanksgiving. guess all we can do now is wait and pray.

    KittyinNj: i interviewed in the Peds unit and was told that i'd be in the Hematology/Oncology wing if selected, and that they're moving to the new Children's Hospital so i'm super excited. i hope you'll get chosen for the Acute Care floor, keep us updated!!
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    I had my interviews for 4 and 6 acute care. I felt that 6th went well for me coz the lady liked me and gave me good feedbacks but not so sure for 4. A did ok but i dont believe that i did as great as i did in 6. But am crossing my fingers, hope they take me.
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    I thought waiting to hear from them if had be picked for an interview was hard. This is way harder than i thought!!! Not knowing if you are in or out. !
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    I completely agree!! I check my email and phone like a crazy person and go to bed every night with a knot in my stomach!!
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    Patience.. we will find out hopefully this week. I'm sure they'll give us enough time to decide & plan!
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    You are right about that, i just wish the wait was easier.
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    CHECK YOUR EMAILS GUY'S, I AM OFFICIALLY IN!!!!! I hated the wait. They offered me both 4 and 6 acute
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    Congrats kiatu10!!

    now you just have to choose which one lol =D
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    I was kind of hoping that everyone I've been chatting with here got in. Did anyone else get that email? Maybe they just sent out ones for critical care but others are yet to come.