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    Hey I had a question for anyone who can answer me. I applied for a PA nursing license and a TPP on August 20th. I still have not gotten my TPP and I am supposed to start work on Monday. I called the Board of nursing and they said that they haven't even processed my application yet and that it could take up to four more weeks! I am stressing out because I just moved to the area and want to start work, not to mention I am in desperate need of some money! Has anyone been in a similar situation?

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    Yikes!!! I just finished school on Sept. 5th and sent my info. off right away, I still haven't gotten my TPP yet either and I start work Monday too!! Our nursing director said it would probably only take 2 weeks because it is not the usual time of year that people are applying, yeah right!!
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    My information was sent on May 9th and my permit was mailed May 28th. It was the busy time of year and took 3 weeks.
    Good luck to you Larlar!!!

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    I am worried because I think that I will have to push my start date back until I get the I correct? My RN license that I have now is for Delaware so without my TPP I don't think I can start work as an RN...does anyone know if i could work as a graduate nurse until my TPP comes in? I am going to call PA hosp. tomorrow and see what they say, but was just wondering if anyone knew! Good luck to everyone!
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    Hi Laurie-
    check the PA's website for vertification

    I am listed in it but have not gotten the paper version- as long as I have that number I was told I am fine. I applied Sept 8th. Hope that helps!

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    Just found out today I'm listed too, I just haven't gotten it in the mail yet. You should be fine Laurie, but I'd call your employer and let them know what is going on.
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    Well my TPP didn't come and I had to reschedule my start date to Oct. 20th. Boo. Oh well I guess I should enjoy these 2 more weeks off while I have them! Good luck to everyone!

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