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hey all! any other new grads starting at CHOP in December? i will be in the PICU :D... Read More

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    I also made it through that round, now I'm so confused as to how to stay on top of it and get a second interview ASAP! I really don't want to wait for 6 months to pass before I get another chance! The only thing I've heard is to keep emailing them bi monthly that you are still interested but I wish there was more I could do!

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    I have no idea. It's very frustrating. I'd say just send in everything you can (Child Abuse, fingerprints) and try to find a connection there...
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    hapadole, I'm starting in February 😄

    @Missy and any other new grads in the post, I know 2 classmates/nursing sisters who work there, didn't use them as references. I also used a skills/experience based resume...I also have 12 years healthcare experience, 7 as an LPN, mainly in Pediatrics-not in acute care, so I thought that would limit me, which it did when apply to a lot of acute care hospitals-over 100 rejections!!! 😳

    They started in Late September/early October with the phone screen process, up to offering me the job last Friday. I also kept contact via email during each process, the transcripts, confirming my interview in November, when I received my Child Abuse Clearance, what the process of choosing candidates were. My recruiter was upfront in letting me know how many positions were open and that they would reach a decision in two weeks. I just was assertive in the communication process, and was myself. Kind of a Patrica Benner nerd, they loved that..had a discussion about my research paper, which used Benner...that may have scored points, lol😄 but mainly stayed assertive and advocated that I would be a great asset, and backed it up by being honest about clinical situations, what I would do to improve a situation or what I can do better in the future, etc. Sometimes we get up tight about our dream job and forget to relax and show the human side of ourselves. Most hospitals want competent nurses that can be true to theirselves and the profession and have a heart balance at that, and that can be any one and everyone.

    I'm just glad I have landed my dream job, seen what it was about in the shadow process and I am excited to learn and work in Critical Care Pediatric Nursing!

    Keep your heads up! I know a fellow co work who interviewed for a job in May and JUST got the position. She starts in January.

    It will be over 1 year since my last semester of clinicals and nursing school (completed nursing classes December 2011), and 8 months (licensed June 2012) so the range 8-12 months post grad rings true, REGARDLESS of experience or not....
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    Hi everyone!i know this post is older but I just got accepted into the New Rn Talent Pool at CHOP on Monday (I had to record an interview in which HR recorded questions and I had a time limit to answer them). Yesterday I received an email to interview for the PICU on Oct. 6th and had to go online and pick a time. Does anyone have any tips/hints/suggestions? I would LOVE to work at CHOP, I just graduated in May of 2014 with my BSN and have been working at Jefferson in an ICU since May of 2013. I wasn't sure if this upcoming interview was a pipeline interview or what?
    Thanks everyone!
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    Hi! I also got accepted into the New RN talent pool and received an email about setting up an interview with one if the medical units. They didn't direct me to an online sign in though, just asked my availability. I'm nervous and curious as well! If anyone has any info please post! I'm curious!
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    What types of questions did they ask you in the video interview? I am trying to prepare for it. Thanks!
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    It was situational stuff, "tell me about a time..." I don't remember the specific questions but they emphasized diversity and how you had handled conflicts in the past. There are practice questions too that don't get recorded so I suggest doing them over and over it really helps to take the nerves away!
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    Thanks for responding. I already did my video interview. How long did it take for you to hear that you were accepted into the pool? Good luck with hopefully beginning your own career at CHOP, I appreciate you responding to me.
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    It didn't take long at all maybe a week? Thanks so much and good luck to you!
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    When did you guys see posting for new graduate RN jobs at CHOP? I looked practically daily since last semester and never saw openings. I know their website says August and February. Did I just miss it?

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