New Graduate RN's at CHOP - page 3

hey all! any other new grads starting at CHOP in December? i will be in the PICU :D... Read More

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    It was situational stuff, "tell me about a time..." I don't remember the specific questions but they emphasized diversity and how you had handled conflicts in the past. There are practice questions too that don't get recorded so I suggest doing them over and over it really helps to take the nerves away!
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    Thanks for responding. I already did my video interview. How long did it take for you to hear that you were accepted into the pool? Good luck with hopefully beginning your own career at CHOP, I appreciate you responding to me.
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    It didn't take long at all maybe a week? Thanks so much and good luck to you!
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    When did you guys see posting for new graduate RN jobs at CHOP? I looked practically daily since last semester and never saw openings. I know their website says August and February. Did I just miss it?
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    @kelseykelsey4 Yes, the posting was only up for like 2 or 3 days the weekend before labor day weekend

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