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    So I was recently accepted to Neumann University's nursing program and I was wondering if anyone has graduated or currently attending the university? How is the program? Faculty? Thanks!
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    I am currently attending Neumann finishing up a few core classes before starting their nursing program in the summer of '12. I can't wait!
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    jmcderm3- are you taking NUR 205 this summer?? Do you know if they offer it in the Fall as well?

    Also- do you know if their theology courses are offered online by any chance? If I decide to go there, I'll have to take two theology courses and two foreign languages.
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    The Nur 205 is offered in the Fall, as far as I know? I am on the part-time program, and nur 205 is only offered in the summer for the part-time program, but pretty sure it's available in the fall for full time.
    Not sure if they offer Theo online, but I think they do?
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    I'm in my Junior year at Neumann, and I love it! Faculty is great. As far as 205 goes, they only offer it in the fall to the day program. All part time night students take it in the summer.

    They do offer Theo online, but it's through an adjuct school called St. Leo's based in Florida and I do NOT recommend it!! I dropped the class because it's an 8 week course, so everythingis crammed in and it was WAYYYY too much work, and I was taking it along with nursing courses. So I have to repeat it so I'm taking it online through DCCC. I recommend that or taking it in the classroom at Neumann. I did take Spanish online though and that was a piece of cake!

    GOod luck! It's a tough road, but if your heart is in it, you'll do great!
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    Thanks MAtoBSN!!! Im so glad you told me about DCCC, what class is equivelent to the theo classes? Im so glad bc I wanted to take them online too. Did you take spanish online at DCCC or Neumann?

    Also- that's the next question. You didn't have to have theo or spanish done before starting NUR 205 then?? Thats why I asked abou 205 being offered in summer or fall for the part timers.. I have all of my sciences done so I was hoping I could start 205 soon but I just dont have my theo or spanish classes too. Thanks for the info!! :-)
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    I did Spanish online thru Neumann. DCCC's HUM 160 is equivalent to Neumann's intro to world religions. That's another thing I did wrong lol...That's more of an advanced religion class, and I thought it would be interesting to learn about world religions so I took that instead of taking the most basic religion course. The reason I took it with a nursing course was becuase I had taken it online before ANY of my nursing classes started, but I had a baby and couldn't get an assignment in on time and failed it Soooo...I took it again with a nursing class, they had changed the entire course and the 2nd time I took it, there was tons more work so I dropped it. So this stupid theology credit has beed hanging over my head for the last 3 semesters! So I refuse to take it again thru St. Leo's. And in order for me to get the "F" erased off my transcripts, I have to take this world religion course again. I can't replace it with a different religion, and easier course! UGH! (I hope this is making sense to you lol- it's kinda had to explain typing it all!)

    So basically, to make life easier, you SHOULD take those classes before your nursing classes, but they are not a requirement BEFORE the nursing program (like the sciences are)...I actually know a few others in the program that need religion and spanish still.
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    ...and when I say you "should" take it before the program, I mean because it will be easier having all the non-nursing stuff out of the way and not having to figure out where to fit it in...Because now I have to take religion this spring along with Peds and Critical Care, which are really tough from what I hear!
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    and here I go again...I don't know if you will be getting financial aide, but you can't get aide for two different schools... so like this spring, my loans will pay for Peds and Critical Care, but I'll have to pay DCCC out of pocket...Just a little info. St. Leo's was paid for because they are an adjunct school with an agreement with Neumann.
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    Thanks so much. I totally know what you mean. I was planning on taking the theo at DCCC in Spring, and Spanish at community college. Im actually an undergrad at West Chester University so I'm planning on finishing up an undergrad in health sciences before neumann. I graduate WCU next Spring; and was hoping I get into WCU nursing program since I already completed most of the classes there and the only thing Id need is the nursing courses. But, I won't know if I get into WCU until the end of the semester... so planning out everything ahead of time is pretty crucial for me.

    I have to figure out how to pay for Neumann if I decide to go there. I won't have any financial aid left since I already have a bachelors degree. Eeeeek! Nothing is ever easy! lol.

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