must you have a BSN in Pittsburgh soon?

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    must you have a BSN in Pittsburgh soon?
    I've read some states or some hospitals want their RN's to have a BSN by 2018,
    what about Pittsburgh?

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    has anyone else heard this?
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    This has been the claim for years but has recently taken on more stance. I havent heard anything about Pittsburg recently but I thing in a few decades, it will be more of a requirement than a preference (which is all it is right now) JMHO

    I work in a magnet hosp and people swear you need a BSN to be hired but honestly, HR recently told me that they really dont care if you have an ADN, as long as you are qualified for the job.
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    Also, I think its easier for people to just get their BSN now rather than later, although one could still get an ADN now and work towards the BSN and be a BSN grad by then...
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    the hospital i work at in florida is requiring us to obtain it by 2018, we are not a magnate hospital

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