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Hi, I am a LPN student about to graduate in 4 months and was wondering if anyone knew of a LPN to RN school in the area? I am willing to do online but I would prefer classroom setting and I am looking for a Fulltime/ fastest... Read More

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    does philadelphia (or any program in tristate are) offer any lpn to rn online programs? any input would be appreciated. thanks

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    Im also a LPN looking for a lpn-RN school. I went to ccp before lpn school and really didn't take it seriously so I don't think it's an option now. Any advice as to what school I should pursue?
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    Quote from O'SheaRN
    Delaware County Community College has a program. It allows you to enter in the second year of the program. I believe you have to have a year of LPN experience. Their website is dccc.edu. Salem Community college in Salem, NJ also has one.
    DO you know if Salem Community College requires work experience as an LPN first? Ive checked out the website and it doesnt seem to say. IDK if im looking in the right spot though lol.

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