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Lehigh Valley Hospital Critical Care Internship job offer - page 2

I found out today that I will be starting with the new group of interns in September at LVHN. Are there any others starting? I forgot to ask if there is differential pay for nightshift since that... Read More

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    Fireball I can't PM because I am new to this . Would you be so kind and send me another way to contact you.
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    I can't PM you because I am new.
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    Hi fireball78,
    For the group interview, is it just that-an interview? or do they have you show clinical skills as well? The email says the interview takes about 3 hours??
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    Garcherry725, the group interview is only an interview. Usually held in a conference room. There will most likely be 4-6 other nurses with you, a Nurse Interviewier and someone from HR to talk about benefits. They ask everyone the same questions. You will be asked which specialty/unit you are interested in, so be prepared to be asked about your preferences. If you have never done a clinical on a specific unit, they can also set up some observations for you if that is something you are interested in. The more interest you show in working for LVHN, the better off you will be.

    Good luck :-)