Lehigh valley hospital in Allentown, PA

  1. I will graduate in early December of this year with my BSN. I will be a new RN, does anyone know what the starting salary, or hour rate of a new graduate at Lehigh valley hospital is? I visited the hospital and researched it, it looks like an awesome hospital to work at and a great opportunity to learn. The problem is I live about an hour away, so I want to be sure that the commute will be worth it. I'm very eager and excited to learn. Does anyone know about the internship for CCU?
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  3. by   Dreamer-RN
    Salary information can be found here:

  4. by   larlardb8
    I'd like to know more about LVH as well...
  5. by   Fundie
    I know they are an excellent hospital, and have even visited the main building. Yet, they do not pay well in comparison to New Jersey or New York.
  6. by   Padelcar
    they paid for new graduates 22hr and then when you have your license they increase one dollar.
  7. by   KmurdockRN
    Lehigh Valley is a great hospital. Their internship program for critical care is amazing and truely worth the time and effort. It may pay less then NJ hospitals for starting pay but they are more willing to train you and let you start in Critical Care as a new grad. However, there have been issues as of late, benefits have changed and there are no pay raises for staff this year "because of the economy." There are also on and off again rumors about it being difficult to hired now unless they gave you a scholarship or you are already a current employee.
    Lehigh Valley does a lot to bring in ne employees, but does not seem to do a lot to keep current employees. That is not to say that there is a lot of turn over, it is just that they don't have any programs in place (or at this time merit raises) to retain employees.
  8. by   Sehille4774
    i heard they have been on a hiring freeze