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lasalle university RN-MSN Bridge program

  1. 0 Hey anyone who reads this lol,

    I just recently submitted my application to the RN-MSN bridge program at lasalle university. and i just have a few questions for anyone who can help. I was wondering how long it takes to hear something and what the application process is like. I have heard that is and can be very lax but I was just wondering if anyone had more information. Also, my GPA from my undergrad was 2.4 but my GPA from my RN program was 3.0. I was wondering which GPA they would look at more closely, I would hope my RN program as that is what i am going to advance my career in.

    Also, I wanted to know from anyone who has completed the bridge program @ Lasalle, how did/do you like it. and how are the MSN classes. I am going to complete the Adult-Geriatric NP program so if any of you did that program or have some insight into that any information would be awesome.


    Severely Anxious lol
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    I just completed the achieve program at LaSalle 2012. LaSalle is a great school. I was worried like you too. I already had a bachelors in business with a GPA of 2.7 from 1999. I was concerned that they wouldnt accept me.I dont think they were concerned with my GPA because I had to take a boatload of other pre-reqs since my background was in business not science. I think what helped me was that I had A's in all my science pre-reqs and the other 10 classes as well. I know you are applying for the MSN, so hopefully they will see that you matured as a student and received higher grades as you progressed.
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    thanks for your help and information, im still waiting. I may call them this week lol
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    Hi Attuma did you get in?? I'm thinking of applying too for the RN to MSN program but doesn't know much about it.