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Hey everyone!! I was just curious to see how much in loans I will need. How much is LaSalle's Achieve program per year? I mean, I see the list of "per credit" tuition, but what has this figured... Read More

  1. by   OneDayAttaTime
    The pants are like sandpaper lol. That sucks that they won't sell you the patch. I can ask around but like I said, no one wears that thing (labcoat) anymore so I'm not sure who still has theirs handy (mine is long gone). And next week is our last week of class so we'll all be on break until August 30th.
  2. by   msimpa

    I really appreciate your help. If you are able to locate one for me great and if not I will find a way to get one. The pants are indeed like sandpaper...they were so rough and mine just didnt fit right....oh well....we will see what ultimately happens. Do you know by what week does clinicals normally start?

    Enjoy your break.
  3. by   OneDayAttaTime
    Clinicals probably start around the second week(end) of September. You guys will be in the lab for the first few clinicals to do check-offs before you actually go to your site, but you still need to wear the full uniform for lab.
  4. by   soraji
    I just bought the uniform last week as well and I agree the pants are terrible!

    I had a question for you guys: do you have any recommendations for places to get a good stethoscope? I didn't buy the one on campus that they were trying to push with the uniforms since I didn't know about the quality & also do you guys know of anywhere we can get discount textbooks or do we pretty much have to buy them through the campus bookstore?

    So excited to start in the fall!