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Is anyone waiting for acceptance letter from the Achieve Program at LaSalle? what exactly takes so long for people to get an acceptance letter?... Read More

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    I just graduated December 08 from the achieve program. Good Luck!!!!

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    Cool congrats! Any pointers or advice? Got any books you want to get rid of?
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    I actually do have a lot of books that are just hanging around.

    As for pointers...don't let everything pile up to the last minute. I did that and caused myself so much unnecessary stress. It will be rough sometimes, but you'll get through it and then when its all done it will be so rewarding. Same stuff you have probably already heard, but its true
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    hey onde day...yeah ill be there on the 15th to order the uniform!

    please provide a little more detail regarding the program...for instance, what concepts did you and the other students find most challening? are any teachers youd recommend/steer clear of (if so pm me)
    what were your hours for weekend clinicals? did clinicals begin in first semester? fundamentals will be one of our first classes...what did you get out of the class, and what book did you use? please feel free to share...thanks!!!!
    and congratulations!!! do you have job prospects lined up?
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    Hi everyone.... I am intrested in LaSalle Achieve, and i was wondering since it a BSN can you start working in field prior to graduading? even CNA maybe , i was looking to getting my RN with CCP just to be in field sooner but when all is said and done i want MSN ....any help will be appreiated

    also on my list is Abington Dixon school of nursing -diploma-RN
    and thomas jefferson university ASN-BSN (they are expensive)
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    HEYYY!! I have noo clue how to reply to your message!! email me (or at work) .. I was seriously thinking about doing LaSalle after I get all the pre-reqs done ( I am sooo close ) ... This is wonderful that you are going and u work in the same place! Lets me know that it CAN be done! Thanks..

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    I figured out that i don't have permission to send priv. messages.. lol.. You can email me here tho!!
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    oh okay...check your email writing there!
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    I'm about to start my second semester at La Salle (in the ACHIEVE program) me...enjoy your prereqs...because once u get here...
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