La Salle Achieve Spring 2012?

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    Hello! Just recently found that that I was accepted to the Achieve Program for La Salle University starting in the Spring of 2012. I do have to complete a class (which ends Dec. 14) in order to fully be accepted, since they can't accept completely until all prerequisites are finished, but I'm doing well in the class. Anyone else heard the good news regarding acceptance for the Spring semester? Can't wait!

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    Please contact me privately.
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    I am not sure I know how...i am new to this!
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    Can you message me maybe?
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    Caitlin, I just sent you an email.
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    Congrats! Are you going to be attending the Bucks County campus (since you're starting in spring)? I received my "conditional" acceptance today; I have a few more classes to finish up in the spring and I'll start in the fall.
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    Yes! Its really close to my house. Im really excited!
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    I'll be at the Philadelphia campus...this was my first choice school because of the nights/weekend..I have four kids!
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    Congrats!! That's great! Four kids? Wow!! I don't have any yet, but just got married so I'm trying to finish up this degree before starting the family
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    Congrats, everyone. I am curious - about how long after you sent your application and/or after the application deadline did you receive a decision? Thanks.

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