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Hello! Just recently found that that I was accepted to the Achieve Program for La Salle University starting in the Spring of 2012. I do have to complete a class (which ends Dec. 14) in order to fully be accepted, since they can't... Read More

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    Quote from lostinthesauce
    Congrats, everyone. I am curious - about how long after you sent your application and/or after the application deadline did you receive a decision? Thanks.
    I applied in July I believe, and the application deadline was August 31st. I have been in communication with them since August, had to attend a mandatory program meeting in October and then just heard final word last Friday, for January 2012 start. I was told the nursing admissions committee only meets three times a semester thats why it took a little while to hear a decision. Did you apply for Spring semester?

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    I applied for the fall semester just today. Sounds like I'll have a lot of waiting to do! -biting nails-
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    ugh the waiting game is no fun!! Good luck to you!
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    Thanks! And to you.
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    I applied as an intended nursing student In November and got accepted a couple weeks later in December. Woohoo! I have pre-reqs to finish. I'll probably officially start at the Philly campus Fall 2013. I've been so happy ever since. 2 girls asked me out. I think bc they noticed how happy I've been hehe!
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    I applied for Fall 2012. I believe the application deadline is in May. What exactly happens at the mandatory meeting you attended?
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    Hi guys I am in the Achieve program now. I started last fall. The mandatory meeting are you talking about the orientation?

    I love the program. I can work and take evening classes at the same time. Good luck to you guys and if you have any questions. Feel free to contact me.
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    Apparently things are different this semester from the semester before, I have learned from talking to other students. In our meeting, we had to go over a power point with basic information about the program (tuition, uniforms, typical class schedule, immunizations and different items concerning the doctors visit.) They also informed us that a few weeks later we would hear a decision.

    That's basically it!!
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    I'll be in the day program, section 42. Anybody else? Also do we have to buy the uniform from them. There will be an orientation on the 1 st let me know if you will be in section 42 and be present that day.THANKS.

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