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Has anyone been accepted to the 2013 APW program at Jefferson in Philadelphia?... Read More

  1. by   Jrsweet
    I got in! See you all in the fall!
  2. by   Gingermetimbers
    I got my admissions email within an hour of the interview, they are pretty quick with letting you know
  3. by   Gingermetimbers
  4. by   phillyphan
    Congratulations! Looking forward to meeting all of you in the fall!
  5. by   mk989
    Hello, I also have been accepted to TJU for Fall 2013's APW program. I am planning to attend if I can get my finances in order. I am also planning to live on campus in the campus apartments nearby. What is everyone's background? I chose the 2 year route because I don't have a strong medical background (I have a B.S. in Biology, concentrated in animal/wildlife courses, and have been volunteering in a hospital but I mainly do paperwork.)

    I am excited about this program but I haven't met any students in it and am curious how their experience of it has been. Has anyone met current/former TJU APW students?
  6. by   phillyphan
    Hi mk989 - Congratulations on your acceptance! Like you, I chose the 2-year APW program because I do not have a medical background and felt APW would be a better fit for me than the one year FACT program. I am also looking forward to beginning the program, but have not met any current or former students. It would be nice to hear from anyone currently in the program. Also, like you, I am trying to get finances in order! Hope to see you in the fall!
  7. by   mk989
    Also at first I was a little saddened that the program starts so far away from now, but after my research on how to afford said program I am VERY glad the start is farther away than summer (more time to figure this out). Is anyone going to try living in TJU's on-campus apartments. I had a tour of them and was very excited (actually I put in for Orlowitz). Hope it all works out, and hope to see everyone next month for accepted students day.
  8. by   Jrsweet
    in response to meeting other jefferson apw students- i know two students who did the tradition bsn, which is essentially the same as our program without the three graduate courses. they only had great things to say about it. one said they would do it again if they had the option. hope that helps!
  9. by   Jrsweet
    *traditional bsn
  10. by   sstock
    Congratz to everyone thus far! I think I have somewhat of a similar background as you all -also a BS in Bio, originally thought of going pre-vet so I have a ton of experience with animals but not as much with humans. Finances seem to be a big concern for everyone including myself, did anyone hear how they are with financial aid?

    I was thinking of going to the new student event, but wasn't sure they'd have many people for our program yet. Guess it would be worth attending, definitely be nice to start meeting the people we'll be with the next couple years!
  11. by   mk989
    I met with Financial Aid early January and sadly it sounds like TJU doesn't have much to give it out. They really stress consulting outside scholarships/loans. The Johnson & Johnson website has a lot of different types of scholarships listed. However, one of the best places for scholarships I have found thus far is through HRSA, but I think they're very competitive (worth trying though right?). Also, depending on your state programs there may be the possibility of Senate/Delegate scholarships (which you can use for programs outside your state if they aren't offered at any institutions within your state). Lastly, there is the service method (Army, Navy, Air Force) which again is also competitive but has the potential for LOTS of experience. Best of luck to everyone!
  12. by   Swellz
    I am graduating from the APW program in May. Just a word to the wise - there is very little aid given for second bachelor's degree programs universally. If you are a non-traditional student, you can usually find what you need, but most people my age (early-mid 20s) were stuck with a lot of outside loans. I got a lot of aid with my first degree so there was simply not much left to be given to me, which makes sense. I also have no idea how poor you have to be to get aid from Jeff, because I'm broke and I got nothing. That all being said, while there were a few close calls for some people, no one in my class had to drop out for financial reasons to my knowledge.
    Let me know if you have questions. I'd love to help out future Jeff students!
  13. by   mk989
    awesome I have so many questions for you lol. my first 1 is about the transition to clinicals. how do you get to clinicals? Do you drive a car or take public transportation since you're in Philly? also are there any clinicals that are very far away? I guess what I'm getting at is it completely necessary to have a car? I will have more questions but I don't want to completely bombard you. thank you so much for your time

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