Holy Family University and Gwynedd Mercy College

  1. Hello,

    I was not sure if I would have to wait for long since so many people are waiting on a list for the clinicals. I was shocked to receive 2 letters this week and got accepted to both of these colleges nursing programs for Fall 2012!

    After searching all over, I did not find much comparison. Can anyone please let me know if you have gone to either and if you would recommend either. Why or why not? I live 15 minutes from Holy Family and 45 minutes away from Gwynedd but I keep hearing horror stories from Holy family.

    Please help! I do NOT want to go to one and find out the teachers should NOT be teaching!

    Thank you!!!
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    check out the posts about these programs in our pa nursing programs forum.
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    I still needs some new updates on them. please please please.
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    I've spent hours of research on PA BSN programs. It came down to La Salle and Holy family for their cheaper price. However, after asking my friend a graduate of Holy family and others in the PA nursing school section, I was 100% turned off Holy Family and never even applied. 100% of the people I've talked to DO NOT like Holy Family. As with most nursing programs either way if you pass NCLEX you will be a nurse, but at Holy Family it seems the teachers/counselors aren't very helpful and students will have to fend for themselves. I'd do more research to confirm this so I'm not the only person you hear this from.
  7. by   Amzie91
    Hello and congrats!!! I will be starting Gwynedd Mercys nursing program this fall and I have friends in this program who love it it is known and highly reputable among hospitals. The school even has bragging rights for their nursing program. My clinical instructor for LPN school was a graduate of Holy Family and she said the program was good so do a little more research and if you come to gwynedd mercy keep in touch ill see you in the fall :-)
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    I'd also say be very careful. Anyone can have a negative experience anywhere. Holy Family has new faculty and a new program starting in the fall. They have a counselor on site who provides help with test taking skills and support (and anyone in nursing will tell you it's all about being able to take tests!) The entire last semester focuses on getting you ready for the NCLEX with weekly review classes and online questions. The faculty are very supportive and often offer summer programs for free to help students.. this summer they are running one to help ESL students in the program! They have a grant to help minority students in the program. They had a 100% pass rate on the NCLEX from the December 2011 class. Talk to a senior in the program to get a true view of the program. Ask the admissions counselor if anyone can give you an email for a senior to talk to. Holy Family has clinical placements at many of the best hospitals (Cooper Hospital University Medical Center, University of Pennsylvania, Thomas Jefferson, Children's Hospital) and they employ many of the nurses that work at the hospitals as their clinical faculty. You can find happiness at any nursing program, and you can find unhappy people at any nursing program. Holy Family is for you if you like smaller programs and less expensive programs Some of the best nurses in the area are Holy Family grads.. Director of nursing at the Philadelphia Protestant Home... Holy Family Grad.... Magnet Director at Fox Chase Cancer Center.. Holy Family Grad... Bottom line... visit any school you are thinking of attending and strive to get an objective opinion. Good luck!
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    Thank you!!!" just got accepted to holy family and I am working on my last preqs.
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    I graduated from holy family and couldn't have asked for a better experience. Graduated cum laude. I graduated in may 2011. Passed my boards a week after school ended. No problem. I would absolutely recommend holy family. A lot of higher up nurses went to holy family such as directors etc and holy family has an amazing reputation. I got my first job partly because the director went to holy family and knows how well we do and wanted to hire alumni as well. Holy family has a great reputation in many hospitals and having your bsn and graduating from there will definitely give you an advantage.