Having trouble deciding which accelerated program to attend: Drexel University, Duque

  1. I have recently been accepted to the ACE Nursing Program at Drexel University and Duquesne University's 2nd Degree Nursing Program. I am having a hard time deciding between these programs. If anyone has graduated from these programs or if anyone is currently in one of these programs, I would appreciate some feedback. What are class sizes, what are the clinical sites like, was it hard to find housing, is it difficult traveling in the city/ to and from clinical, how stressful is the program, pros/ cons, etc.
    Also, I am still waiting to hear back from Penn State Altoona. Any feedback from Penn State's program would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You,
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  3. by   tscharf
    While I can't give input into Drexel or Duque, I, too, am waiting to hear back from PSU - Altoona. Penn State's 2nd degree program is still relatively new, but I have heard great things about it from current students. Good luck, wherever you end up!
  4. by   JDU4
    Thank you tscharf and good luck to you, as well! I actually completed my first degree at Penn State Altoona. I enjoyed the location of the campus, the professors, and the friendly atmosphere. Do you know when they are sending out the acceptance letters? Do you, by chance, know what the NCLEX pass rate was (for the first class)? Also, what have some of the current/past students said about the program, if you don't mind me asking?
  5. by   hiddencatRN
    There is a ton of info on this forum on Drexel's ACE program- have you tried a board search?
  6. by   tscharf
    PSU acceptance letters came out the end of February last year, so I'm assuming they'll be mailed late February/early March again this year. The associate's degree pass rate at Altoona was 100% for the class of 2009 - I have not found the pass rate for the 2nd degree program. Everyone I have spoken with who is in the program finds the program to be challenging (time constraints are obviously a big issue) but feel like they are being prepared well for the "real world". The professors are approachable and will work with you to help you be successful. I really like that I would be done in about 16 months - can't wait to get a response from them! Let me know if you hear anything, please!
  7. by   RNMommy11
    Hi, I am currently in the second semester of the second degree program, and will graduate this December from Penn State Altoona. As far as pass rates for NCLEX, the class before me (who also happens to be the first graduating class of this program!) has a pass rate of 100%, with 2 more people left to take the NCLEX from their class.

    I can say that this program is tough, but the rewards outweigh the difficult times any day of the week! The professors have all been so nice to work with, and really do go out of their way to help us. Best of all, our class has really grown close- we are there to support each other through all of the stress, and I am so thankful for that! Clinicals have been great so far, and the simulation lab is really amazing.

    Good luck to you as you wait for acceptances- and on your journey to become an RN!
  8. by   blb5103
    Hello -

    I am in a very similar situation. I was accepted to Drexel's ACE program in December they gave me a deadline extension until the end of February. I paid my enrollment fee last week however I am still unsure.

    Just the other day I was admitted to PSU altoona's program. I completed my bachelors at University Park and love Penn State dearly. However, I am so far shocked with the lack of information and help I have received from the Altoona nursing admissions staff. I am also confused because they seem to be waiving or looking over some of my prereqs (micro!) for some reason. If I were to attend the program, I would still take micro over the summer. I know better from applying to other graduate programs in the past. (If I were to go on in nursing to get a masters I'm sure not having micro would be a problem)

    Anyways, my concern about Drexel is that I hear the program is extremely difficult. I know all of these programs will be difficult; however, I've read that many people drop out/fail. It's done over 11 months so you take 21-25 credits/semester.

    I have an interview at Robert Morris on Wednesday. This program is likely my top choice; however, there may be issue with completing my prereqs.

    I'm unsure what to tell Penn State Altoona. I have to make a decision by March 4th - very soon. Some of the stories on here that are consistent with my experiences so far concern me.
  9. by   latin_dancer25
    Hi, I'll try to check this page frequently if I rem. I was part of the 1st 2nd degree nursing class - we ended up with 19 people graduating. 18 of us took the NCLEX, and a few of us highly doubt that the last person will even take the NCLEX. Anyway, 18 of took the NCLEX and all passed. (All but two passed with the minimum 75 questions!) Having to take the program in 16 mo, I couldn't imagine going to a shorter one. BUT a MAJOR advantage of PSU's program is the preceptorship in the last semester. You get to either got to UPMC, Hershey, Altoona Hospital, or Nason. It's a WONDERFUL transition between life as a student and a nurse. Also, I can't remember the number of people, but the majority of us ended up graduating with a job, also.

    I hope this helps you make your decision. Like I said, I'll try to check this frequently if more questions arise.

    Good luck! =)
  10. by   latin_dancer25
    Also... any 2nd degree program that can be completed n MONTHS is going to be difficult. I, too, got my first degree in biology from PSU main, but this doesn't even compare. Semesters 2 & 3 have two different classes every 7 weeks. It's a huge commitment. But it is nice that the instructors will try and work with you. They respond to emails almost immediately and by the end of it all, they do almost become your friends & family. The pros outweigh the cons ... including all the hours of lost sleep!
  11. by   JDU4

    Sorry it took me so long to respond to your post. I recently accepted Penn State’s offer and will be attending this fall. After doing research on the different programs, I decided that Penn State was the best choice for me.

    I have heard that Drexel is very difficult due to the length of the program. Also, the class sizes are much larger than Penn States (Drexel around 150: Penn State around 20-25). I personally prefer a smaller class size. Another thing to look at is cost of living in Philadelphia versus Altoona. Now, I am not trying to sway your decision in any way, but these are just a few factors that made my decisions a little easier.

    Have you made an appointment to meet with Dr. Kuhns? She has always been helpful and timely when I have needed guidance. If I were you, I would make an appointment with her and talk to her face to face. I went to her office and she was able to pull up exactly what prerequisites I needed.

    I hope your interview at Robert Morris went well. Good luck with your decision-making.


    Also, I wanted to thank everyone that has posted on this thread. Everyone has been extremely helpful!
  12. by   tscharf
    I agree with JDU4 about Dr. Kuhns. I spoke to her several times last fall to confirm what classes I still needed to take and she was very helpful. I would also make sure you are comfortable with whatever campus you choose - I'm not big on cities, so Drexel would definitely not be a good fit for me. (Not judging Drexel, just don't like cities!)
    JDU4 - I look forward to meeting you in the fall! :-)
  13. by   jasjas
    Quote from blb5103
    Hello -

    I have an interview at Robert Morris on Wednesday. This program is likely my top choice; however, there may be issue with completing my prereqs.

    I'm unsure what to tell Penn State Altoona. I have to make a decision by March 4th - very soon. Some of the stories on here that are consistent with my experiences so far concern me.
    Hey! Hope your interview went well.
    Do you have any advice for the interview. I am scheduled for one next Tuesday - this is the only program I have an interview with so far, and I really don't want to blow it! Any advice/hints would really give me some assurance!

  14. by   blb5103
    I'm assuming your interview is with Anne? She is so super nice and you have nothing to worry about. I would say 90% of the interview is her telling you about the program and the two of you going over what needs to be done before you begin the program. You have no reason to be nervous.

    I will be attending the program as long as I get the prereqs completed so maybe I will see you in the fall! The program really impressed me and the people there are great. Not to mention, I am more comfortable with the location and the program length compared to that of Drexel's.

    Good Luck