Evening/weekend nursing programs in Philadelphia

  1. Hello-

    Does anyone know of any other evening/weekend nursing programs in Philadelphia aside from LaSalle university? I am interested in associates or bachelors. I hope someone will respond.

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  3. by   walkerj
    I am still trying to decide which nursing program is the best. No response from anyone when it was posted previously.

    Johns Hopkins University
    University of Maryland
    Thomas Jefferson University
    Drexel University
    University of Pennsylvania
    New York University
  4. by   PolaBar
    Harcum College (in Rosemont/Bryn Mawr, a few blocks from the R5 line), a 2-year college, has a 1 year RN program (for people with a previous Bachelor's), and an 18 month RN program. The 1 year program is something like 2 evenings/week, and BOTH weekends for the entire year. The 18 month program was 1 or 2 nights of classes, and 2 or 3 evenings of clinicals. I believe you get an ASN from the college, as well as the chance to sit for the NCLEX.

    When I was looking at schools, I was primarily deciding between Jefferson, Drexel and Harcum. I went to open houses at those three. The Drexel program seems to have the highest NCLEX pass rates in the state. The Jefferson one seemed to be a good program with a pretty low dropout rate. Drexels seemed a little higher. But, Jefferson requires letters of reccomendation, wheras Drexel doesn't. I figure a significant amount of the dropout rates would be from people that just aren't ready for, nor expecting, the courseload for accelerated programs.

    I think when I was mentally preparing myself for applications, I put Jefferson as #1, Drexel #2, Harcum #3 (solely because it was only an ASN, not BSN). I applied to Drexel first, as it didn't require letters of reccomendation and had the earliest application 'deadline'. I recieved the acceptance before finishing the other applications (literally a few days away), and decided to accept.
  5. by   AtomicWoman
    I applied to Jefferson (and was accepted) because every single student I spoke with there felt that the faculty is very supportive, and that is important to me. Also, they require the exit HESI, but if you fail it, you have to take a remedial course, BUT you get to graduate. Drexel does not allow you to graduate until you pass the HESI. Last I heard, they required an 87% pass. A friend of mine darn near had a nervous breakdown because she failed the exit HESI twice. (Finally passed it, though.) I think both programs are really good and have really high NCLEX pass rates; they just each have their own little idiosyncrasies.
  6. by   liteskin_qtee
    Abington has a diploma program evening and weekends...also gwynedd mercy has a weekend program..I think its for 2nd degree students...