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HI guys, so I am very new to this but I am EXTREMELY anxious about getting accepted into this program for the Fall. I have a Public Health Degree and have quite some experience in the Health field... Read More

  1. by   jrb1045
    Congrats on getting accepted! Do you know what your undergraduate GPA was? Also, Can you let me know how many pre-requisites you had left when you applied (if any)? I have a bunch left so I think my admission decision will be delayed until after this semester and they get some more grades from me. Thanks!
  2. by   MsDooyah
    Congratulations LINDSAY!!! i know no longer playing the waiting game is a relief. Question..did you get an email stating that your admission decision was made, or did you just happen to check and saw that you were accepted?

    I applied July 25th, and all my Application Materials were in by August 6th I believe. I hope i hear back soon. THis is so nerve-wrecking. Also considering the fact is Drexel is the ONLY place i applied to.
  3. by   Lindsay630
    jrb1045: My undergraduate GPA was a 3.2. However, I have a much higher GPA in my pre-reqs. I am currently finishing my last pre-requisite now, otherwise I have the rest of them finished. I believe you need to have at least 9 of them completed to recieve a decision.

    MsDooyah: No longer playing the waiting game is certainly a relief, but now I have all the other forms of anxiety that accompany an acceptance letter! I checked Discover Drexel on my own, and saw that I was accepted. About two days later I recieved an email that a decision had been made regarding my application, and to visit Discover Drexel. Yesterday I recieved the actual paper letter in the mail.

    Drexel was my first choice, so I will be putting down my deposit by next week. Good luck to everyone!
  4. by   ms_lewis
    Hey guys!

    I am new to the thread, but have been actively scoping out these amzing threads! I just wanted to let you guys know I have been officially accepeted into the Drexel ACE Program for the 2013 Fall start date! I received and e-mail yesterday around 4:50 pm stating "congratulations on your provisional acceptance..."!! I am super excited. Also applied to UPenn's BSN 2013 program, but am not too worried about getting rejected i'll live lol. So I know you guys may have questions so here goes. I am so excited to be apart of this journey with you guys.

    Did Undergrad at Saint Joes 12': BS in Healthcare Administration
    Undergrad GPA 3.2
    Pre Reqs Left : Chem and Ethics which will be taken next semester
    Not too sure what my Pre-req gpa is because the semester has not eneded yet.

    I applied on August 12 this summer. All documents were processed in a timely matter and I finally heard back yesterday!

    Experience: Currently working at The Hospital of The University of Pennsylvania and will be starting at CHOP next month

    Be patient!!

    Good Luck to everyone!
    You should be hearing back soon
  5. by   Jrsweet
    i was accepted as well! if anyone is worried and wants my stats feel free to message me..i didnt think i would really get accepted at all to nursing school so i can hopefully reassure some of you
  6. by   xsmashBSN_RN
    Just found out I got accepted also! I found out at around 12pm. I didn't receive an email though, I just checked the portal. Some of my stats:

    I'm currently finishing up my B.S. in General Science (I graduate in May, so this is a provisional acceptance)
    My current cumulative GPA is a 3.070, however, the I graduated with my associates degree in Medical Assisting with a 3.8 so that might have helped.

    I currently work in the lab at a hospital, and have interned over 200 hours in doctor's offices for my MA degree.

    Anyway, I'm still debating on Drexel because of the cost and I would definitely need to work somehow during, even if its just enough to pay my car note or for food/etc. I have also applied to UPenn, LaSalle, and am thinking about applying to Jefferson's APW program, so I'm waiting for those

    Good luck everyone!
  7. by   MsDooyah
    Hey Jr. If you don't mind sharing what are your stats?

    I've been checking the portal..everyday..almost every hour....im starting to get nervous :-/
  8. by   xsmashBSN_RN
    When did you apply? That might be a factor.

    I applied in mid-late August
  9. by   Jrsweet
    i had a 3.04 overall but around a 3.6 in my last 60 credits. im not sure what my prereq gpa is from drexel, but estimating it at about a 3.3-3.4 still have some left to take. i had a really rough sophomore year grade-wise so happy drexel looks at the last 60 credits
  10. by   xsmashBSN_RN
    Has anyone received their acceptance packet yet? When is the enrollment deadline due?
  11. by   MsDooyah
    Hey Ashley, i applied in July and my application was complete between August 6-12th. no later than that.

    i didn't include anything else in my application besides what they asked for.

    But I have worked at an Assisted Living Home as a CNA for 4 years, before i graduated and got the job i have now. Maybe i should have included a resume. Idk..

    I called Evan last week and he said a decision should be made this week but i still haven't heard anything yet.

    Im nervous, anxious. I feel like a stalker as much as i go on the portal.
  12. by   xsmashBSN_RN
    I just realized this thread was posted in the "General Nursing Student" section. Is there any way we can move it to the PA nursing programs section of the site? I think maybe we'd come across more Drexel ACE people.
  13. by   -greyham-
    I applied mid october and haven't heard back yet. My GPA at my old school wasn't too good (2.9 cumulative), but I turned things around my junior year and managed a 3.4 (just for the last two semesters). I then transferred schools, currently have a 3.5 in my 5th year and I also do research for the university.

    I'm starting to get really nervous. Drexel is my first choice and I've already received a rejection letter from Villa Nova. I have an interview with the school I currently go to, hopefully the "Alma Mater" factor will increase my chances of getting in.

    I want this!