Drexel ACE Spring 2014 - page 9

I know it is early, but I just found out I was accepted! I have to finish two more reqs, which I will do in the fall (i was told they have to be finished by Jan 15) Anyone else find out yet!? What... Read More

  1. by   futurnurse16
    hello guys, has anyone here retake a class 3 time. i a thinking of applying to the program but I'm retaking chemistry for the 3 time. have some volunteer experience in labor and delivery dep. and ER. also work as a PCT as a mother baby. 3.05 cumulative gpa. do i have a chance in the program? can you start the accelerated program and shift to the 2 year program if you can't handle?
  2. by   terps410
    Hi guys!

    I was accepted into the 11-month ACE program for Spring 2017 and was just trying to find out more about the program. I was wondering if any of you had trouble finding a job after graduation?