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Drexel ACE Spring 2013, any applicants out there? - page 9

Hello All- I applied to the Drexel ACE program for Spring 2013 start date. Just wondering if there is any one else out there who will be playing the waiting game for the next several weeks/months... Read More

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    Thank you both so much for telling me about Evan. I was speaking to the other girl and nothing. Same story as yours JillyPlot. Evan took the time to actually look at my transcripts and see that even though the portal was telling me I had everything in, there was actually one other thing they needed. If I hadn't have known I'd just be sitting around waiting. Instead I was able to get what I needed into them so hopefully they will have it all by the end of this week. I really hope it all gets there in time for me to still grab a seat! Thanks again!
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    No Prob! Best of luck Ill keep my fingers crossed!
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    Good luck!
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    For those of you that were accepted, did you find out by e-mail notification to check your account for an updated decision? Or did you receive an actual e-mail stating your acceptance? Just curious what to expect. I applied about 2 weeks ago.
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    I received an email stating that an admission decision had been made and is available online.... 2 days after I saw it on the Discover Drexel website. I don't know if that was only because I got accepted on a Friday or if it just takes a few days for the email to get processed.
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    I was accepted for Spring 2013 with 4 pre-requisites to finish up. I just completed micro and Developmental Psych in summer II and am taking Chem and A&P II this Fall. I was accepted a couple weeks before I completed micro and psych so they did accept me (provisionally of course) with 4 to go. Good luck!!
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    I applied July 18th, it took until about August 5th for all my transcripts to go through. It said my file was under review for a while and I tried to get in contact with someone as well eventually they told me my file was being held by Evan Williams. He happened to be on vacation for a while, but when I finally in contact with him he told me exactly what I needed to do with my application and what was under review, he told me they needed course summaries to be sure they could accept the courses. Sent him an e-mail with the info and got accepted today one day after. My GPA was about 2.85 undergrad but 3.4-3.5 for the last 60 credits and pre-reqs. Only pre-req I need is Nutrition.
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    Hey, Wow thats a quick turn around! Congrats on getting in KevMcFly. My application was complete August 19th but I am still waiting. It's good to know that there are still spaces available.. I keep checking everyday. I hope that I hear soon!
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    What number did you guys call to check in on your application status? Just curious
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    I called 215-895-2400 and spoke to the admissions office and they transferred me to my admissions counselor.
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    Thanks JillyPlot, I just tried that and of course Evan is away until tomorrow. Hopefully I'll hear soon!
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    LOL, Evan is always away it seems. It took about 20 phone calls for me to get in touch with him and I almost thought it was his voicemail when he finally picked up I was so used to it. He will help you out the hard part is getting in contact with him just keep calling at all different times of the day.
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    I think Evan is so nice that everyone probably calls him LOL. He probably has so many phone calls to return. I was just tenacious and called to bother him a lot, and he is so so helpful and nice. I spoke to him a couple times today, and he said that the Admissions Board will have to review my Application but that they have everything and I should know something next week. I took a nap, and woke up to check the portal, and BAM, I have been accepted!

    I'm so excited!

    Thanks JillyPlot and BZieg for telling me about Evan.

    Hopefully I'll see you both in the Spring!

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