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Hello All- I applied to the Drexel ACE program for Spring 2013 start date. Just wondering if there is any one else out there who will be playing the waiting game for the next several weeks/months ;)... Read More

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    hi im going in april 2013..i think thats when it starts. but since i didnt get much of the stafford loans i am considering the direct plus? parent loans to pay for it :[ hopefully all these loans are worth going to this program.

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    I sent in my application a few weeks ago. When I called the admissions office they said that they had added 50 spots to the Spring '13 class! I am anxiously awaiting an admissions decision!

    I was wondering if anyone knows the exact start date for the Spring 2013 program?
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    I believe it starts April 1st. If you go to Drexel's website, you can look at their academic calendars. They have a few - you want the one for the quarter system.

    Good luck with your application!
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    I just submitted my application for the ACE program for Fall 2013. I have been in contact with the admissions office and they told me they didn't need a letter of reccomendation (which is nice, although I may get one just in case). But I do have a question that was not brought up while I was on the phone with admissions.

    For the essay part, it says we don't have to write one. Has anyone just thrown one in there for good measure anyway? Will it "look better" (or worse) if there is one added in? I submitted my application without the essay, but I have one writtin just in case. Any advice on that?

    I am in my last year of college and will be graduating May of 2013. I have all of my prereqs done (except ethics and developmental psych). Has anyone applied to the program before they recieved their degree, and still got accepted (pending degrees reciept)?

    This school is my first choice for admission, but I live in North New Jersey right now and work part time. Has anyone made the move and have just "made it work"? The tuition and living/work situations is what's making me a little nervous. Just wanted to get some feedback as to how people have made situations like that work (especially if it's reccomended that you don't work).

    Any information or advice any of you can give would be greatly appreciated!
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    I just received my application decision. I was accepted! Congrats to all the other accepted students.

    I decided to accept this program and am feeling a little unsure. The cost seems high, and I have absolutely NO idea how to find real scholarships or how to even get loans.

    I am also confused as to if we have to live on campus during the 11 month program.

    Any thoughts / worries similar to mine?
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    congratulations to all accepted students! i too have been accepted for the spring 2013 start.

    i agree that the program is very expensive but i think it will be worth it. :-)

    has there been a facebook group created for the spring 2013 ace program? i saw that there was one for the fall 2012 but nothing for 2013.

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    I don't think there is a spring 2013 Facebook group. But I started a new thread the other day asking if anyone would want to create/join a group. I think you have to have one other person as a friend in order to initially create the group???
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    Yes, I happened to see your new thread posting after my first post. I'm not sure how creating a group works now since Facebook has been changing constantly but if you need another person to help create the group, count me in
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    Shawna23, yes I am worried about the cost too! I actually haven't accepted yet because I want to talk to them about financial aid first to get an idea of how much I'd be paying out of pocket. As far as I know, there are little to no scholarships that we are eligible for. Because of the short time-frame and non-traditional start dates, we wouldn't be eligible for most scholarships I've seen. Maybe there are some merit-based scholarships that I haven't seen?

    Also, we do not have to live on-campus. I think most people who do it live off-campus.
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    I will be attending the Spring 2013 program. I'm on the search for loans now since I'm not getting a lot from FAFSA. ughh

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