DeSales University ABSN 2012

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    Didn't see another thread for this program and was wondering if anyone else has been accepted yet? Or if there are current/past students who know anything about the program. =)
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    Hey! I was accepted last week. Do you know that you'll for sure be attending or do you still need to decide?
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    Yes, I'll be attending! Even tho it starts all the way in May I'm already excited :-) Btw, congrats!! Have you decided?
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    Yes, I am attending! I waited a little bit to decide but ultimately decided to go

    I graduate from my first degree a week before we would start at DeSales so I'm excited but also have so much to do before then, but looking forward to finally starting my nursing degree! I wonder where the rest of us are that have been accepted/are attending?!
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    I'm here! I will be attending also. I have been teaching full-time this year and am ready for a new start! Congrats everyone.
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    Question for you all --- have you completed all your pre-reqs? I'm wondering because I have to schedule Developmental Psych. I have been planning on taking it online this semester (in addition to my regular undergraduate schedule) since my school does not over it for the Life Span But I'd really like to be able to take it with the rest of my courses since I am paying more than enough to take classes there right now and so I do not have to pay additional moolah for a comm. college class. Have any of you taken not exactly Dev. Psych for the Life Span?
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    JennJF - I am going to answer you on this feed. I did send in my money also.

    I have completed all my pre-reqs. I actually just CLEPed out of the developmental psych course. I took Human growth my first year in college 5 years ago and they didn't count it bc i didn't have through death and dying. I didn't feel like spending money, so i studied using the CLEP book and took that test for $100 instead. It's an option if you have any psychology background.
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    I actually got in touch with DeSales yesterday and decided to do just that --- I don't have a huge psych background, but considering I planned otherwise on taking the course, I'm just going to teach it to myself, and a professor at my school said she'd be willing to be a resource as well. It seems the exams aren't too too challenging, but what did you think?
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    I used the CLEP study guide book for the Human Growth and Development test. I found it was a good review for the test, but I still found the test to be difficult. It was based much more on case studies and research more so then applying the theories of developmental psychology. Also, there was much more stress on infant through adolescence vs adulthood and death. If you do study and use resources, you'll be fine. The only thing that sucks is that you can only take it once every 6 months. So its a make it or break it test day. Let me know if you are interested in the Book. I'd be willing to get it to you.
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    Hey NellyWaffer,

    Thanks for the feedback! I found a course on "iTunes U" that I've been listening to and then I have a textbook I'll maybe supplement with. But for now, I'm seeing how much I can gain from doing this "course" (it's recorded lectures from UC Irvine's Developmental Psych class ... we'll see!). I'd really really appreciate the CLEP Study Guide if you're still offering! That'd be great! I'll PM you with my address and we can figure out how to do this!

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