1. I have a job offer that I accepted for a rehab place and the other day got a call back about setting up an interview for a job at a hospital. I have mixed emotions about what to do, if I should go on the interview and see what happens from it or just keep with the rehab. The rehab is closer or higher pay and seems like a great place to work. I'm not sure how the orientation is setup since I'll be on nights so I called and waiting for call back. I haven't called the hospital back because I'm not sure what I want. I guess I'm worried about getting stuck in one field, but then who knows I could love it and never want to leave. Any opinions
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  3. by   Matchildnurse
    I would go see what the hospital has to offer. Then choose if they offer you a postion.
  4. by   missy32
    I guess if I don't check it out I'll always wonder what if, and do I hate the what ifs. I guess I never thought I'd have a choice when it came to my first nursing job.
  5. by   Matchildnurse
    Carpe diem! You have nothing to lose. just don't tell the rehab place until you have accepted another offer in writing. and if they dont offer you the position you have one anyway
  6. by   iridium54
    Congrats on the offer but definitely take the interview (you may have already gone by now)!
  7. by   missy32
    I went on an interview for one other place, went well but no offer yet. I have one for a hospital on Wednesday just no one really heard of the place.