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Chatham University School of Nursing (Connected with Shadyside)

  1. 0 Hi. I'm new to this forum. I've decided to go to Chatham University for nursing and their school is connected with shadysides. I have to take the entrance exam this weekend, but I was wondering if anyone had gone through this program and could offer any insight to how it will be.
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    Chatham is not connected with Shadyside. Catham and Shadysdie are separate schools with their own requirements, etc. Catham does have a reciprocal aggrement with Shadyside so that their grads will be offered special consideration for the RN-BSN program. Also there is an agreement so that nursing texts for Shadyside are available at Chatham's bookstore.

    I just hope you understand that just because you are accepted to Shadyside doesn't mean you are automatically accepted to Chatham.