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Just wanted to start a thread for those who applied to CCAC for this upcoming Spring semester. What were your stats when you applied? What campus did you select? What are your nursing goals? I applied with a 3.8 GPA with Micro... Read More

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    Quote from belchel
    I'm so nervous
    I am too !!! U are not alone ! Did your mail come yet? Mine already came but nothing in it...

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    Yep, thank you!
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    Quote from beans1019
    I got my letter today dated 10/13. My first choice was Cal U (I live in Belle Vernon) but I was accepted to Boyce. Although a little bummed, beggers can't be choosers. So I'm excited! Good luck to everyone else. It's been a tough road and going to get tougher.
    what were your stats when you applied did you already complete ap1 and 2, and microbio?
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    I checked my mail, but nothing was in there. I font know if it came yet. Usually it's 1:30-2:30 for me in weekdays. Fingers crossed that it comes!!
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    My friend who lived down the road got hers today. Don't know if she got accepted or not yet as she's in class right now (her mom texted her that it came).
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    This is so nerve racking!!!!!
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    Congratulations everyone!! I am in 202 right now (not sure what that means in the new curriculum, but I am in my second year), and I just wanted to let you know that although CCAC is unorganized and at times it will seem like you have no idea what's going on, it is definitely worth it. You will learn what you need in order to be a good nurse, and you will develop strong bonds with your classmates. It is a lot of work, but I have been able to work, get good grades, spend time with my husband, and even make it to a happy hour now and then. It's all what you make of it, and I have loved it all. Congratulations again, and good luck to you all!!
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    I'm literally crawling out of my skin right now! Ugh my mail better get here FAST!!!
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    I completed A&P 1 and Micro last spring with both A's. I'm currently in A&P 2 which is the only other pre-req I needed for the program. I already had a BA in Psychology so fortunately all the basic writing and maths were accepted in transfer. Good luck to you all!!! I was declined last semester although my GPA was really high- 3.7. However, last semester I got a 4.0 and got the extra 1.5 points added to my overall this time around definitely helped. Now I have to figure out if I am going to quit my job which I only work on weekends and if I am going to continue to compete in bodybuilding shows while in the program. From what I've read on here you have to make this a top priority.
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    3 more hours till i get my mail >

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