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Just wanted to start a thread for those who applied to CCAC for this upcoming Spring semester. What were your stats when you applied? What campus did you select? What are your nursing goals? I applied with a 3.8 GPA with Micro... Read More

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    I heard it was only 80 (40 day/40 night) at Allegheny. Boyce will have 160 (80 day/80night) to make up for not offering fast track this spring. Idk how many Cal U takes.

    I didn't get my mail yet, but I doubt it's in there.

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    I had everything except micro done last semester and did not get excepted, now I have every single class done including my elective. I'm hoping for the best, you do get extra points on ur overall gpa by having a&p 1 and 2 done, and micro.a-.75,b-.50,and c-.25.
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    I am in allegheny night ...we lost a few but there are 36 of us
    clost to 80 when you add daylight
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    Do you get bonus points for your other pre req classes? And I do know of people that got in as incoming freshmen last year
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    as far as i know only the sciences, but not general bio. so just ap1/2 and micro.
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    What about chem
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    Nothing in mail today either! Anyone else get anything??
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    Chemistry is a prereq so it doesn't count as bonus. Only A&P 1 & 2 and Micro.
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    My friend at cal got a letter today
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    What area does she live in ?

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