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Just wanted to start a thread for those who applied to CCAC for this upcoming Spring semester. What were your stats when you applied? What campus did you select? What are your nursing goals? I... Read More

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    Anything today? The thing I received on Monday was a bill! And I got so excited thinking it was it! But still nothing for me either
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    How many ppl are excepted between all three campuses? Some one said 80 but that's not including calu..?
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    40 at cal 160 at ccac
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    Really? Wow I was thinking it was 80 total for ccac Nice!! :-) relieved to find out it is more than I thought, also if u don't mind me asking who told you that ?
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    anyone get their mail yet today?
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    Amber reed! I call her all the time she prob hates me lol
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    My mail doesn't come till 5!
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    Dang 700 to 160. Whew!!! It's crazy how many people apply to ccac. Did anyone apply anywhere else?
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    Nothing in my mail today...
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    I'm.taking the psb test next week at st.Margarets as a back up. Last semester 1300 ppl applied to ccac its insane!
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    Well it wouldn't be 700 to 160 more cause at least 200 of those applied to cal. I applied to all of the campuses including cal. I'm nervous cause my cumm is only 3.229 but I have all my per req out of the way except micro and I'm in a&p2 right now at cal
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    I heard it was only 80 (40 day/40 night) at Allegheny. Boyce will have 160 (80 day/80night) to make up for not offering fast track this spring. Idk how many Cal U takes.

    I didn't get my mail yet, but I doubt it's in there.
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    I had everything except micro done last semester and did not get excepted, now I have every single class done including my elective. I'm hoping for the best, you do get extra points on ur overall gpa by having a&p 1 and 2 done, and micro.a-.75,b-.50,and c-.25.