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Hi all, I'm new to this site (just joined today). But I've been lurking for a few weeks. I'm applying for the Aria Health SON and would love to meet others who are applying for the September 2012... Read More

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    Quote from AspiringNurse_Amber
    Did anyone get the APA book? I have an older edition but one of the advisors said that this needs to be the edition that they asked.
    Not sure if we need this book right away.
    I never use the APA book. its too confusing. plus there are copies of it in the library if u need it. i do my own papers and just get Sophia the librarian to help look it over with me before i turn it in. After you do a few papers, youll get the hang of it. Just another book to collect dust.
    And about the 11th edition, i'd try it. A lot of people dont even read the books at all. I do though.

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    My nurse told me flu shot were available as of 8/19 but my dr office won't start giving them out until September. I'm good until the end of November.
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    Do we need to have the flu shot before we start?
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    B4 you start clinicals.
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    Did I miss any information from the school??? I was out of the country without full cellphone use for the last 10 days.
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    @awarren no announcements that I know of.

    Does anyone know the schools Cost of Attendance for 2012-2013 school year. I spoke w/ Jeanne and I though she said $30,062...which seems like an odd number. I was in a loud place and it was hard to hear her though.
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    @Candi & Amber did you guys get your textbook for HDFS yet? Be sure to check your email, because the professor sent two book correction emails a few weeks ago.

    Did you buy or rent? What is the best website to rent books?
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    Ayanna and Candi,
    I have not gotten my HDFS book yet because although the professor sent an email stating what the book is called, I wasnt sure if we should still wait until the start of the class because they did not specifically state that it was required.
    I remember them stressing to wait until your first day of PSU classes before you purchase the books.

    But I will most likely be renting it if we need it. I only checked out amazon so far and it is $155.55 to buy and $51.00 to rent.

    Is anyone else taking Math 35? I'm not sure where to get the textbook for it.
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    $ 51 to rent???? where? I saw $ 70-$ 80 to rent....
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    @ Amber & Ayanna, no I didn't get my HDFS book yet. I also thought that they were stressing to not get the PSU books until class? Ayanna which book did the professor change it to, can you post the book and ISBN number? I will most likely be renting it and not buying.

    @ Holly, I'm not fully sure but I thought they cost was around $12-13K?

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