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Hi all, I'm new to this site (just joined today). But I've been lurking for a few weeks. I'm applying for the Aria Health SON and would love to meet others who are applying for the September 2012 academic year.... Read More

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    Can we use a sports watch with seconds?
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    Quote from awarren808
    Can we use a sports watch with seconds?
    yeah just think u have to count someones pulse and respirations for a minute or 30 seconds
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    Bumblebee, you are wonderful for giving us this information! I sure don't have the money to be spending on books we won't be using! Thank you

    I finally got a confirmation regarding my scrub order. Did anyone else get that confirmation? I am thinking they are shipping all of our school scrubs at the same time.

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    What do you guys think about getting older editions of some of the books? I know someone who let me have their med surg books but they are the 11th edition and we need the 12th. Also the same thing with a few other books. I am trying to save as much money as possible because this is a lot!!

    Also did anyone get their med-math book or a diagnosis manual? Can the diagnosis manual wait until later?
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    Hey Amber check out Bumblebees post on p 49. It seems we don't need hardly any books our first semester. I already puchased the test/nclex review books and I will probably use them to prep for tests ....when I can find the time. I'm not a great test I think these books will help me adjust to the nclex-style questions and review the materials. If you already have some books I would wait on buying those and maybe compare your book w/ the newest edition to see if most the material is the same.
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    Did anyone get the APA book? I have an older edition but one of the advisors said that this needs to be the edition that they asked.
    Not sure if we need this book right away.
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    Hey Guys Flu Shots are in. :-)
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    You guys shipped your scrub order to the school, right?
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    Yes, I did ship it to the school. But it's taking forever to come out of my account.
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    Arent they automatically shipped to the school? I dont remember putting that shipping address in or anything.

    And we can get flu shots now?