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Hi all, I'm new to this site (just joined today). But I've been lurking for a few weeks. I'm applying for the Aria Health SON and would love to meet others who are applying for the September 2012 academic year.... Read More

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    @ Ayanna,
    I was hoping to learn more about the loan forgiveness program also. Wouldn't that be nice if they still offered that?!

    I remember the glossy cardstock from the open house, and saw that 100% job placement as well! I am REALLY hoping that hasn't changed much since 2010.

    @ Heathersophia,
    They take your gpa from any school that you previously attend and take your prerequisites. They require your transcript from each school that you have gone to so they are able to calculate your gpa. Good luck with your application!
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    @ Philliesgirl and Ayanna, I am in 100% agreement with you both. Job placement is VERY important, but the school does have some wonderful affiliations. I look at this as a two year job interview, I plan to go to clinicals as if my rent/mortgage is on the line. Out attitude is very important. I'm wrapping my faith around me like a cloak and knowing in my heart that there will be a job after graduating with that BSN and am accepting no less.
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    Hi simplyblessed!

    Thanks for the info..I understand that they are in the process of moving so once they are settled in there will be another info session
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    When I compare the amount of clinical hours to other schools I considered in CA, NJ, and PA, Aria blows the competition away (both from ADN and BSN programs). Maybe thats why job placement has been 100% in the past. If you think about it, most BSN programs don't offer more clinical hours, just more management classes. Training new grads is a big expense. If we already have more clinical training, we have a huge advantage. Plus it sounds like many of us will be pursuing our BSN right away, that also makes us more marketable.

    I also hope they still have a loan forgiveness program and 100% job placement when we graduate. I have way too much debt already, and it would be a huge help!
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    Hey ladies! Has anyone gotten the next packet in the mail yet? Probably not, but just curious. I got mail from financial aid that just has some information on it but thats it. I'm so anxious to do everything thats next like the vaccinations and such, but I guess we should really wait until we have all of that written down on paper for us. Also, I was hoping to find out more about a loan forgiveness program as well. That would be great for all of us!
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    Hey Everyone! I was just going to ask too if anyone else has received the next packet...hope its soon! Also just wanted to add that I was previously in a BSN program that only had about half the clinical hours Aria offers. I am so excited to be loaded with clinical haha it is such a rush
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    No I haven't got a packet yet either. I want to set up appointments and my CPR certification class. I would do that now, but older posts mention that Aria has offered a CPR class at the school for $50 for new students. Does anyone know anything about that? That is cheaper than any other places I've found.
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    Oh wow! That is a really good deal for a CPR class. I have to call Aria this week so I might ask about that!
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    I do know we need to go to the dentist and get a check up (exam, cleaning) and have proof that we had this done within the last 6 months. I just went today and got my cleaning and exam. Not sure why Aria wants this...but ya gotta do what ya gotta do! lol
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    Does anyone know the details about how the few classes towards the BSN setup Aria has with Penn St works? I am applying for the JAN 2013 start and was hoping someone knew more about it because I wasnt so sure

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