Anyoner hear from ccac for fall 12

  1. 0 ... Know anything about the process?
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    I have an appointment to meet with a CCAC academic advisor next week. I still have a few more prereqs to complete, so I'm looking at applying for the evening/weekend "fast track" program that starts next spring at Boyce campus with E/W Allegheny being my second choice.
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    NOPE. I got an envelope from them last week and was excited, but it was a fakeout (just a list of courses I've taken that they'll transfer).
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    Well, I have bad news...... Because CCAC got rid of there PAX test they had a HUGE amount of applications.... I've overheard Boyce recieved 1000+... North 900+ and I don't even know about Allegheny or South. I've heard they're super overwhelmed and that CCAC is now harder to get into than Pitt. Sources are a good friend I work with whose instructor at North is in with the head of the department, plus I work with a few of the clinical instructors. *sigh* This does not make me happy.
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    That is really bad news because I have all my pre and co reqs done and now I'm just playing a waiting game. I really hope I get in but if each school got 1000+ applications then chances are slim. I don't know how many people they accept at each school but i know its nowhere near that!
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    i heard they are VERY overwhelmed by the number of applicants. have you guys tried applying at some of the hospital-based programs also?
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    I got accepted to Carlow so, i'm not going to take a gamble with ccac. ccac won't be sending out letters till june/july.I applied to carlow and was accepted within days. And will have my bsn in 3 years. I start clinicals in august. There still might be open transfer seats.
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    I'm feeling kind of overwhelmed right now, I guess. I have not applied anywhere else. I guess I thought I would be good to go in the fall with CCAC. Thinking this might not pan-out discourages me. I was thinking of applying at St. Margarets, but don't know how I feel about going through a certificate program. I am done with all of my pre-recs plus some, so I was thinking of maybe just going straight for my bachelors....

    Anyone else have thoughts? Maybe some paths I haven't considered? Any ideas on B.S. programs in the area? I really don't want to have to drive into Oakland everyday though....
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    How do you know that CCAC wouln't be sending out letters until June/July?
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    I know how you feel thomjm I am done with all my pre and co reqs except for english 102. I already applied to St Margarets and didn't get in they said because of my previous academics. I didn't do well when I first started college because I didn't have any goals or direction. I retook the classes I didn't do well in and got A's. I explained that to them in the letter but it didn't matter. I have more classes done now so I am hoping that I will get into CCAC.
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    I called north campus nursing department, and they said most people would get them june/july. And maybe people with like 4.0 will maybe get them in may.
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    Wow it really sticks to have to wait that long but at least I know now. Thanks

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