Anyone applying to Delaware County Comm. 2013 Program? Dying to know if my TEAS V sco - page 4

Anyone applying to Delaware County Community College 2013 RN program? Dying to know if my TEAS V score was enough to get me in!!!! I will not find out till closer to Christmas maybe after Christmas!!... Read More

  1. by   cianni2000
    Quote from RBats
    Anyone whos graduated with RN from DCCC : have you found it hard to get a job without a BSN? I'm wondering whether or not I should go try to transfer to a 4 year to do BSN or if I should just do DC3 or MC3's RN programs and then try to do a bridge program at a 4 year....
    I'm currently in my first year at dccc and I would suggest you stick with dccc. They recently partnered up with drexel to offer a rn to bsn program that you can be dual enrolled in. This would cut down the amount of time it takes to complete your bsn to about 1-2 years depending on what classes you have already taken.