Any info about Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh? Any info about Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh? | allnurses

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Any info about Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh?

  1. 0 I still have a while till I graduate (December). I've discovered I love peds. What info is out there about Childrens Hospital of Pittsburgh as a place to work for a new grad? I see they have a lot of jobs available on their website.

    Any advice on the relocation would be appreciated as well. I'll be relocating to Pittsburgh from south Florida when I graduate. I think I'll start putting in applications in July or August. Is that too early?
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    Kathy, I sent you a pm.
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    I currently work at Children's hospital in the pharmacy. I am in nursing school right now. Children's is a pretty good place to work, especially if you are into peds, but the pay isn't that great. You would think that being a specialty hospital you would get a higher rate, but I have been told the 'prestige' of working at Children's is a reward all its own.

    Good luck. I really enjoy living in Pittsburgh, and I am sure you will too!!!
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    I just graduated with my BSN in May and starting workin in the PICU at Children's in July. Yeah, it hasn't even been a full month yet, but i love it. It's by far the hardest thing i've ever done, but is already so rewarding. I can give you more specifics if you'd like, just lemme know!