Agency or PRN work in Philly area for experienced nurse

  1. I will be relocating to Philly around Nov 2013 to start nurse anesthesia school, which begins in Jan 2014. I am experienced in Critical Care and Operating Room nursing. I am trying to figure out what are some good agenices to work for in the Philly area for per-diem? I am new to Philly and know nothing about which agencies the major hospitals use for their contracts. Since school doesn't start until Jan, I will be able to work full-time until Jan and will need to switch to PRN or per-diem. I think it will be better to work for an agency versus directly for a hospital since I wouldn't owe any committments.

    Looking on the internet, there doesn't seem to be many hospitals that are hiring experienced nurses in the Philly area for PRN/Per-diem work. I know the VA Medical Center in Philly is hiring in the SICU and OR but only for full-time. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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  3. by   hiddencatRN
    It seems like most Philadelphia area hospitals handle per diem needs in-house with float pool and per diem staff. Agencies are used for longer term needs (like traveler positions) and are usually full time. You could try emailing the hospital recruiters directly to present your resume, that you're looking for per diem employment while in school and have FT availability initially. Or apply for a regular FT/PT job and try to go per diem after you've worked there a month or so.