4/2011: PA NCLEX Pass Rates - page 2

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    wow, go LCCC! I was proud to be a graduate of there,but they're pass rate ROCKS!

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    I looked at the PA scores, and I am very surprised by which schools are doing well and which are not. Very surprised. The ratings are almost the exact opposite of what I expected.
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    I think the pass rates are both the student and the school. Some schools, like Drexel, have awesome pass rates (highest for 4 of the last 5 years), but require a HESI exit exam with a 87% pass rate to be able to sit for the NCLEX. I don't know what other schools requirements are, but it seems that the higher rates are likely to come with schools that have high HESI expectations. (I'm still content with starting Drexel in the Spring, but it's beginning to look like a degree factory!)
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    Compared to:
    Community College of Allegheny County had 414 take NCLEX, 332 passed for 80.1% --- they were DOWN from 481 in Sept 06!

    Drexel still got a way to go!
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    I went to CCAC. Allegheny Campus actually. My class did well in the NCLEX, but the class before us and after didnt. IDK what the difference was. Funny thing is, the class after us had very strict graduation requirements. The new requirements were implemented one semester after I started, and they considered enforceing some of the new rules on my class, but couldnt. More than a few students in the class one semester behind us were excused from the program due to the new graduation requirements. Then the first time pass percentage drops. Pfft, makes no sense to me.

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