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Hi, Just wondering if anyone has received their acceptance letters for the fall 2012 program yet and if so how many points did you have?... Read More

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    Thats odd. Are you sure you have all the requirements met? You can check that on the myccp page as well as the payment schedule. Did you accept the awards you were offered? That also can be checked on the myccp page. You should of been able to accept the awards you were offered over a month ago. If you did all of that and you are still not seeing anything as far as how much you can expect to get and when I would definitely email or call the financial aid office.

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    Quote from bcolli11
    I refuse to get recommended ! That's means it's google accessible plus I went to a 4 year university and didn't have to pay this much ! I'm def getting the required and the one they highly recommend but that's it .
    Yeah Bryce, I thought about not buying them..I'm not going to buy all of them but I def wanna get the drug measurements and a few others. Since they said we should get them in pda format that tells me we may need to look things up during clinicals when we are not right by a computer so my play was to get them for my kindle so I can bring everything with my to clinicals without having to carry an excessive amount of crap.
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    Yep, all requirements fulfilled. I waited until the deadline of May 1st to file my FAFSA, perhaps that's the reason for the delay? Guess I have to go bother them on Monday...ugh.
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    Yeah they are a pain. I sent them everything then got an email that they didn't receive my tax forms. So i emailed them. They told me they had everything and it must have been a mistake. Then about a month ago I noticed for my student loan it said I hadn't completed my promissary message even though I had and I even had printed out a copy of it so I contacted them again and they said something about the promissary agreements not being looked at until July and to disregard the message. I already knew what I was eligible for by that time and had accepted my grants and the loan I was offered but it was still odd and made me wonder if everything was going to go through properly. Now it shows everything as satisfied and also when the payments will be made for the grant and loan. They are really unorganized sometimes.
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    Just got this response...

    financialaid financialaid financialaid@ccp.edu
    Jul 19 (1 day ago)

    to me
    You will receive an award notification via your MYCCP email account once the verification of your file has been completed. You will not be dropped and do not have to make any payment since your file is complete. The verification may take several more weeks

    **Reminder - Please check the web self-service portal at my.ccp.edu for your most current financial aid information***

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    Man they are frustrating. I was down at main campus on monday dropping off my health form and the woman who took the form said it looks as though I've fullfilled all the requirements except for my ssn verification. I said, I handed that in at orientation. She said "oh well we are in the process of merging two systems together so that could be the reason it is not showing up yet" I have a feeling I'm going to be getting an email right before the semester starts saying they don't have it and that I need to submit it again. Gotta love them!
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    r u guys buying new or used books for nursing 101? do we need the lab manual and the CDs? they are way too expensive!! any websites to buy or rent them? thanks!
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    I found that a lot of the books are 2012 editions so you have to buy them new. CCP bookstore has an option to rent books but I'm not sue which ones are available. I assume we will need the manuals and cds especially the manuals because we do have a lab. Not positive though. A few websites to look into are amazon and half.com
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    Just finished all of my pre-clinical requirements so I'm good to go !!!! Next up is books ... Ugh . More money I don't have lol . I'm considering buying maybe 3 items off the recommended list as they seem VERY HELPFUL . One of those being the one that's highly recommended . I really like skyscape however , I wonder if it's beneficial to put it on ur mobile device . Should anything happen to ur phone or what have u , I wonder how will that pan out lol . Has any of you payed for your books already ? If so how much and where ? See u guys in a month and 3 days lol
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    I haven't gotten any of my books yet. I'm gonna start with the ones I can get for my kindle since they are the cheapest and then when I get paid at the end of the week buy one or two of the required texts. Hopefully I will have them all ordered in the next few weeks. I did see that Amazon has package deals for 3 books that we need. I don't know how big the discount is. I guess people ordering them at the same time and they realized they can capitalize on it buy offering them in a package deal. Did you get your physical yet? I dropped off my immunization records/titers but they didn't mention the physical. There wasn't a form or anything for it. I just saw my doctor today and she said she would give me the required information next time I see her which is two weeks from now. I wasn't sure if that was something we needed to drop off or bring at the start of clinicals. I need to go through the paperwork again and see exactly what it says. I haven't received anything from the school yet about them not receiving any of my requirements but who knows with them.

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