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Hi, Just wondering if anyone has received their acceptance letters for the fall 2012 program yet and if so how many points did you have?... Read More

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    I was under the impression that because I am pregnant, I did not need to complete any portion of the health form. I recently got an email telling me even though I could not get any vaccinations I still need to have titers drawn to see what current vaccinations i do have. I called my doctor right away and of course he was away on vacation. I have an appointment on July 9th which was the first one they had available. I'm pretty sure I will not have the results by the deadline but I am going to submit them as soon as I can. I know the school says July15th but we don't need them until its time for clinicals so I would think if they get submitted late it would be fine as long as they have them by the start of the semester.

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    Nursing school while pregnant? That's hardcore! I'm impressed! Yeah, the first page of the instructions states health clearance must be met no later than 2 weeks prior to the first day of class...but then they say the deadline is July 13th. I completely understand them not wanting everyone waiting until the last minute but I hope they take extenuating circumstances like mine into account.
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    Yeah my husband and I had been trying to conceive for a little while now and of course when it finally did happen I realized that that I was due 2 1/2 months into the 1st semester. I was hoping to have the baby in the summer but it took a little longer than planned..lol But the good thing is that we don't start clinicals until 6 weeks into the semester anyway and I will be due 6 weeks later and not have to carry around a big belly for 5 months or anything. Its definitely going to be interesting..lol

    I'm sure they will allow the lateness as long as you let them know and get them when you can. The woman that I spoke with did say specifically that if you do not submit the form or show that you have certain vacinnations it becomes extremely hard to place you in clinicals because its the hospitals that require they be done, not the school. I'm worried that there may be an issue for me getting in somewhere but woman have babies all the time while attending nursing school. They wouldn't have a pregnancy waiver form if it wasn't something that happens..lol
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    So the books that are required aren't posted on the campus bookstore website . I looked on amazon and the cheapest total for all 4 was 400 even . I'm assuming they would be more at the bookstore idk. Does anyone know if these books will carry over to 132? I'm asking because that seems like a lot for just 101
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    The books are available on ccp bookstore website. I checked today and they all show up. CCP is always more expensive than anywhere else from what I've seen. Its absolutely crazy how expensive this stuff is. The recommended books which I'm sure we are probably going to need like medical terminology dictionary, drug measurements, among the others total to be roughly $1000 buying them all used or in kindle format, which I plan on doing. How do they expect us to pay like $400 for uniforms and supplies, plus at least the $400 for the required books, plus if you get some of the recommended ones another $400-500, all on top of tuition costs. I was just saying today I feel sorry for those people that go to 4 year universities because its even more. My aunt is in graduate school and some of her textbooks cost almost $1000 each. Insanity!

    On a side note some people told me to check out half.com to see if I can find them cheaper. I'm going to do that tomorrow.
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    I refuse to get recommended ! That's means it's google accessible plus I went to a 4 year university and didn't have to pay this much ! I'm def getting the required and the one they highly recommend but that's it .
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    My friend who just graduated nursing school from Brookdale up in north Jersey gave me all her books...it'd be nice if I could get by using them. Also, has anyone received a financial aid award offer on myccp yet?
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    Quote from NikiPHL
    My friend who just graduated nursing school from Brookdale up in north Jersey gave me all her books...it'd be nice if I could get by using them. Also, has anyone received a financial aid award offer on myccp yet?
    I got my financial aid award offer a few weeks ago so if you didnt get it yet, you should be getting it soon.
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    I submitted my paper work over the spring so I got my notification awhile ago. Payments do not get made until mid to late September though. I believe its the 26th for grants and Oct. 6th or something like that for loans.
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    Yeah, I had the FAFSA filled out on May 1st and submitted everything else they said they needed...surprised nothing's on there yet.

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