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Hi, Just wondering if anyone has received their acceptance letters for the fall 2012 program yet and if so how many points did you have?... Read More

  1. by   cupidsqueen420
    Syllabus has been posted on MyCCP Nursing group files folder. We have a critical thinking paper as part of our grade. The topic is to be chosen by Oct. 1st. and the final paper is due Oct. 31st
  2. by   bcolli11
    Very interesting topics ! Can't wait to get started
  3. by   bcolli11
    I have TONS of health promotion papers from penn state one maybe on each of the subjects listed for the critical thinking paper so amen to that . I would hate to go into that blindly
  4. by   bcolli11
    I hate reading with a passion ... Rather just listen but considering its something interesting maybe it won't feel like I'm reading . Who knows ! Still haven't purchased my books . I was going to do that Tuesday after class . thanks for the replies
  5. by   rockbeatsscissors
    Quote from cupidsqueen420
    I would love a copy.. Please email me if you have time. cupidsqueen420@gmail.com
    I sent it...but you'll get two e-mails from me. It didn't send with the attachment when I tried to forward it the first time.
  6. by   NightBloomCereus
    I solved my heavy books problem by having the spines cut off the books, and had them spiral bound into smaller volumes. It's awesome; now I only have to bring with me the sections we're reading, and things that are spiral bound are so much easier to work with. What a back-saver! In case any of you are interested in doing something like this, here's the information.

    Just about any office supply store can do this for you. Fedex office, previously Kinko's, charges $1.15 to cut, and 5:50 for each spiral binding. So if you were to have your Med-Surg book cut and bound into 4 sections it would be a little over $20. Staples charges $2 to cut a book and about $4.50 to bind each section.

    The other option is to cut the spines and hole-punch the pages, and put each textbook into a big binder. Then put the chapters you're reading into a smaller binder and take it with you. The Fedex I went to could not drill the holes for me (ask because some can) and Staples charges 3 cents to punch each page, so I opted not to go that route. If you do some research I bet this route is cheaper.

    Beware that not all places have a cutter large enough for our textbooks. Fedex had to take my books to their other location to cut them, without my knowledge, and then charged me for the transport. I was p.o.'d. I could have just driven it there myself. Watch out for this. You may just want to cut your larger books in half on your own, so it would be like they're cutting two smaller books instead of one large one. Be careful not to gash yourself or you will be banned from clinicals

    Cupidsqueen I don't have my schedule with me but I'll let you know soon.

    See you all soon!
  7. by   NightBloomCereus
    P.S. Fedex Office is different from regular Fedex.
  8. by   cupidsqueen420
    What an awesome idea! I was hoping to sell back my required textbooks to amazon when I am finished with them but I may just forget that and go with your idea.
  9. by   cupidsqueen420
    Thats girl! I really appreciate it.
  10. by   cupidsqueen420
    Quote from rockbeatsscissors
    I sent it...but you'll get two e-mails from me. It didn't send with the attachment when I tried to forward it the first time.
    Thanks girl.. i really appreciate it.
  11. by   NightBloomCereus
    Be careful. They messed up and punched the holes right through the words in the Med Surg book and part of Fundamentals. I'm not sure what I'm going to do My medical school friend had a great experience doing this but I guess I'm not so lucky. The rest are perfect though.
  12. by   NightBloomCereus
    Edit: Never mind, that was just the table of contents/index where the holes cut off the first letter of the line. Anyway, make sure they take as little as possible off the margin so there's plenty of room for this not to happen.
  13. by   cupidsqueen420
    Will do. I'm going to try and do that this coming week because my bag does not even fit all of these books. lol