12 hour shifts for an LPN in Pittsburgh

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    Hi, I am FINALLY moving back home to Pittsburgh. I'm an LPN with four years of experience at a SNF, and I'd prefer to work 12 hours shifts. Can you please tell me if any of the SNFs in the area offer this?

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    Hmmm...What part of PGH? Most 12 hr shifts are more weekend coverage or supervisory.

    I'm interested in your responses!
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    I live on the northside, but would be happy to travel up to 45 minutes - I really want 12s!

    Thanks, e
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    I spoke with WPIC a couple of weeks ago, they have FT shifts with 2 X12 and 2 X8. I have no idea if they hire LPNs.
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    Kindred North Shore is adveritising a 12 hour LPN shift. https://kindred.taleo.net/careersect.../jobdetail.ftl
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