The Biggest Challenges of Peds? - page 2

Hi Peds nurses :) I work on a tele unit, but I have truly always loved kids. I just wonder if I would love them as much in a nursing setting. Big difference from playing with them! Anyone want... Read More

  1. by   yknurse
    I work on pediatrics in a small community hospital in Canada's arctic and the challenges are unlike any I could have imagined. Many of these children are obese or malnourished. They have their teeth pulled before they're 5 from bottle propping. I've seen parents giving their children Pepsi from bottles, and feeding them Doritos before age 1. Often times they grow up in alcoholic homes in abusive/neglectful environments, surrounded by addiction. (Of course, not all cases are this severe, but we see it so often here it's almost normal.)
    I remember one case involving apprehension had me so stressed because there was no one to blame. The child? Of course not. The parents? Tempting, but they both grew up in environments I mentioned above and were likely FASD. How can you blame someone for not knowing better, yet be so angry because they should know better? It's tough. The challenges of education and awareness in the north are enormous.
  2. by   nursel56
    That sounds like a stressful job alright, yknurse. So often I wonder if what I do makes a difference - it sounds like in your case you already know you do, though the effects aren't immediately visible to your eyes. Bless you for what you do.