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I work on a unit with lots of chronically ill kids who end up being too much for their families to care for. We have several ped LTC facilities in our area and many of the kids live there. I understand that some families cannot... Read More

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    I used to work at peds rehab/sub acute/LTC facilities/units for kids and I can identify with this post on so many levels.

    On one hand I can understand (not agree, just understand) where these families are coming from, and another part if horrified. I wish there were better solutions for these kids...

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    I saw that all the time in the acute hospital setting. Chronically ill children their parents had basically written off just never discharged for months on end. The nurses were their family. It's heartbreaking, especially when they decline and/or pass away. When they are awake and alert, they tended to be carried around and talked to by the staff, but if they were just laying there nobody was there to pat them, hold their hand, talk to them. etc. That is stuff I'll always carry with me.

    I've never heard of a policy of not holding a crying baby because he'll get used to it, I wish there were enough volunteers to hold all the babies who wouldn't have their symptoms exacerbated by it.
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    The only travel nursing I did was in the northern Virginia area at a long term care center for kids. Lot's of kids on vents, neruo, basically with little family involvement. One family refused to sign a DNR for a trached/vent neuro kid because they had some kind of judgement and monitary payment from the hospital because of staff neglect that got him the neuro issues. He was total care, no brain activity and the family never came to see him. That was five years ago and I'll always remember him. For many other kids the staff was their family. One 5 year old boy had never been outside the hospital. Before I left I took him in his wheel chair outside so he could experience grass for the first time. Did it on a Sunday when there were no MDs or executives around. He was scared at first but then loved it! Won't forget him either.
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    Grrrrr....Anything else I have to say on this topic would get me TOSed....

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