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  1. 0 Does anyone know if there is a nationwide organization or association for PICU Nurses. I often see them for NICU and peds in general, but haven't seen a PICU specific group.
    Any guidance or suggestions would be great.
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    Try the AACN, Americal Association of Critical Care Nurses. While it's not specifically PICU focused, it has a lot of resources for PICU nurses.
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    AACN has terrific resources both in print and on CD for pediatric critical care. I spoke at their National Teaching Institute on Chicago on Monday and have attended a number of lectures on a variety of peds topics there as well.

    There's also a Yahoo listserv, PICU International, that has an archive of discussions that mianly revolve around best practice and equipment usage that you might find helpful. I don't have the URL at hand, but it's easy to find.

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