Peds IM injections, dose limit?

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    Is there rule of thumb for how many mls one can give in a pediatric IM injection? Something based on weight maybe? Just wondering how big before we have to split it into 2 shots?

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    It depends on the size/age of the pt and the muscle into which you are injecting. But typically you don't inject more than 1 cc with one shot.
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    1cc is usually the max...however, it depends on the pt. If it is a 16 y/o 300# pt, the rules are different.
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    it depends on the age and weight of the patient. we have a chart which tells pt's age and weight range and how many ml in injectable to each muscle. A lot of times with something like rocephin, which is in 2 ml on a toddler and smaller, we divide the dose into 2 injections and shoot both legs at the same time.
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    ^^That chart is exactly what I'd like to have! Any idea where I could get one? I'm a pretty good googler, but I've had no luck so far finding something like that.

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