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Pediatrics Refresher??

  1. 0 Hi all:

    Does anyone know how a RN (with no experience in peds in 20 years) can get experience in pediatric areas? Can you do a"refresher" of some sort to get back up to speed? How about volunteering/ observing ??

    I would be happy to work (paid or volunteer) with children in any capacity, especially disadvantaged children. Any ideas?? Thanks
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    The Children's hospital I am going to be working at has residency program for nurses that have experience in other areas, but are now wanting to work with peds. I would call around to some local hospitals and see if they have anything similar. I think your best bet would be a Children's hospital. Do you have one in the area?
    Good Luck
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    I know the Children's hospital I work at has a rigorous 3 month orientation, so they assume when hiring you that most of their GN/RN's have no experience with kids. I'm going to say that any hospital with a good pediatric orientation would be great.
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    Most hospitals will have an extensive orientation b/c they know that peds is a whole different world. The peds hospital I work at does 10weeks...and many of new grads feel comfortable once out of orientation. They still tend to ask alot of questions, but didn't we all?
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    Thanks for the advice, everyone; And for taking the time to respond!
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    This class is designed for EMS but it may go over stuff you need to know. Its called PALS. Pediatric Advanced Life Support. I don't know if it helps much but its a nice refresher of info on treating pediatrics.
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    Thanks; that's a good idea. Any pediatric unit would probably like you to have PALS.
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    Quote from firecoins
    This class is designed for EMS but it may go over stuff you need to know. Its called PALS. Pediatric Advanced Life Support.
    Well no, not really. PALS is meant for anyone who might potentially care for a critically ill child. Most PICUs, pediatric and general emergency departments, ORs, PACUs and even sedation dentistry practices want PALS. There's a lot about peds nursing that it doesn't cover.