Pediatric stethoscope suggestions?

  1. 0 Hi everyone,

    I'll be starting a pediatric position in a couple of months. I have an adult stethoscope (Littman Master Classic II) that I have been using, but from what I hear pediatric stethoscopes are better for the kiddos.

    Any suggestions on the best ones? What do you use? I like the fun designs of the peds ultrascope, but is it a good quality piece?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I work in a PICU and use an adult sized stethoscope on everybody from 2 kg to 200 kg. There is a bit of a learning curve to be able to pick out where what you're hearing is coming from, but over time you can get very good at it. And quite frankly, I can't remember seeing any of our peds consultants with peds stethoscopes... they use the adult ones too.
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    I have a peds ultrascope and love it! Unlike jan, I can't hear on the little guys with my big adult sized stethoscope. I was having a hard time distinguishing all the noises until I got my peds scope. I have both the ultrascope and a Littman Cardiology III (which yes I know makes into a peds side, but I don't have those pieces and parts anymore...). I can hear with my ultrascope as good, if not better than my Littman. Also, a plus for me, is that my ultrascope is so light in weight... I hardly remember its around my neck most of the time. My littman is so dang heavy, I can't carry it around my neck.

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